Dragon Ball Super: Battle of the Battles will reveal the show’s best fights of all time

To celebrate the Dragon Ball Super anime, a new live event will reflect the best fights from the series, titled “Battle of Battles.”

Fans of Dragon ball super New anime content may be lacking for now, but the fandom is preparing to reflect on the series’ best fights during the “Battle of Battles” event.

Announced by Funimation in association with Toei Animation, the event will take a look at the best fights from the series, as determined by fans in a poll last December. The event is scheduled for March 27 at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET in the US and Canada. It will simultaneously stream on Funimation’s YouTube channel and Toei Animation’s Twitch channel.

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The event is scheduled to provide fans with an hour of content, breaking down the top 10 winners from the poll. Each mention will be featured with a clip from the anime’s English dub, which the hosts will discuss and react to. Presenters include Justin Rojas from Toei Animation and Lauren Moore from Funimation. Special guest star Ian Sinclair, the English voice behind Angel Whis, will also be in attendance. The event will also offer free gifts available throughout the show.

Dragon ball super first debuted in Japan in 2015 as the long-awaited sequel to Akira Toriyama. Dragon Ball Y Dragon Ball Z. The show initially adapted the stories told in the movies. Dragonballz the battle of the gods Y Dragon Ball: Resurrection F before continuing with his own story. Previous fights in the series could suffer in the poll, as many fans were initially disgusted by the quality of animation in those episodes, ultimately making the fights rather mediocre compared to the movies.

The story has maintained some momentum due to the movie. Dragon Ball Super: Broly and the ongoing manga, but there is no mention of them being included in the list of fights that qualified for the event. As such, the event will only cover fights from Beerus’ debut to the final clash in the Tournament of Power.

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