Dragon Ball Z: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Majin Vegeta

Dragon Ball Z It remains an impressive achievement in the anime community that helped Akira Toriyama’s formative shonen series evolve in important ways. It has also acted as an important cultural touchstone that has helped introduce the public to the medium. Dragon Ball Z It is full of strong heroes and incredible fights, but another important factor that is responsible for the entertainment is the dangerous villains threatening the planet.

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Dragon Ball Z has featured an impressive list of enemies, but Vegeta is a unique individual in the sense that he officially becomes a good guy. However, the character’s Majin Vegeta period brings him back to his darkest roots, even if not everything about the transformation makes sense.

10 Whether the transformation goes against your will or not

One of the most important aspects of the Majin transformation is that it is supposed to be a transfer process; Babidi doesn’t just freely infect Vegeta. Instead, the Saiyan chooses to accept this fate in exchange for the power it will give him.

Vegeta has something to say about it, which makes his descent all the more depressing. However, there are inconsistencies here when video games I like it Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai – Another Way are consulted. In Another way Babidi can force Vegeta to transform against his will, as if he were flipping a switch.

9 How big is the power boost it provides

The main factor that pushes Vegeta to commit to the transformation of Majin is the increase in power it provides him, but the series is incredibly vague when it comes to how much improvement this actually represents.

Majin Vegeta seems to get exponentially stronger, but Majin’s transformation is not that extreme in other individuals. There seems to be no set standard on how this power surge works and the reason it makes a bigger difference to Vegeta is simply because of the plot progression it allows.

8 How it increases your existing attacks

Majin’s transformation marks users with a striking “M” on his forehead, as well as a boost in power, but it also appears that Vegeta’s existing techniques receive quality-of-life improvements after he becomes Majin. Two of Vegeta’s most popular maneuvers, the Big Bang Attack and Final Flash, are performed and appear slightly differently by Majin Vegeta.

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It is unclear why these moves change and if this is something that applies to all Majin subjects, or is only specific to Vegeta. There is no justification as to why Majin’s energy warps these particular attacks.

7 The limits of your “evil” nature

There is so much tension surrounding Vegeta’s Majin transformation because it not only makes him stronger, but also rekindles his dark side and briefly turns Vegeta into a villain once again. This turn has a lot of weight, but it is another element that fluctuates depending on what is necessary for the story.

Majin Vegeta mercilessly kills innocent civilians and enjoys his torture of Goku, but at the same time, he is able to show enough. empathy to save Trunks and Bulma any unnecessary pain prior to slaughter. Exhibit a surprising amount of kind demeanor for someone who is supposed to be corrupted.

6 How he unleashes his Super Saiyan 2 form

Vegeta’s plan to get stronger, courtesy of the Majin update, goes according to plan, but it’s such a significant boost in strength that the transformation occurs in conjunction with Vegeta’s debut in Super Saiyan 2.

This is a bit confusing, as Majin’s transformation should be just a raw energy transfer, which is not the only ingredient for achieve Super Saiyan 2. There must be emotion behind this and it would have meant more and it would make sense if Vegeta turned Super Saiyan 2 right before his Final Blast sacrifice.

5 The circumstances surrounding his final explosion

There are many consequences that are the result of Vegeta’s transformation into Majin, but the biggest consequence is the character’s final act of going out in a destructive blast. Self-destruct maneuvers are surprisingly common in Dragon Ball, But there is extra weight behind Vegeta’s Final Blast strategy against Buu.

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The concept behind this attack makes sense, but it is unclear why Vegeta turns white and loses color as if Dabura has turned him to stone. Also, it seems that Vegeta is capable of carry out this movement in Dragon ball super without Majin’s abilities.

4 If their Majin form creates new abilities or if they are Staples Majin

There is much mystery that still surrounds the Majin. The benefits Vegeta gets from his temporary submission might not be the same for everyone. Vegeta becomes more powerful and enhances his existing abilities, but Majin’s metamorphosis also seems to imbue Vegeta with entirely new techniques, such as the energy ring attack.

However, other Majin characters like Dabura are never shown using this ability and he does not return to Vegeta, so it is confusing to determine how Majin’s energy affects this.

3 Majin status leaves him after death

Sometimes consequences in Dragon Ball They are permanent, but there is a serious loophole surrounding the Majin when death enters the equation. Vegeta dies as MajinBut afterward, he suddenly returns to normal and even manages to keep his body in the afterlife.

Vegeta’s pure state is meant to signify how his sacrifice marks when he truly becomes a hero, but it’s a poignant detail that doesn’t make sense. Also, other characters like Dabura and Babidi remain a Majin, even after death.

two If that means he’s possessed by Babidi

The Majin process is initially presented as a dangerous form of possession. Babidi requires the energy of others to resurrect Majin Buu, but he also seems to have complete mastery over some of his lower-level subjects, such as Spopovich.

However, when Vegeta becomes Majin, he still has control over himself. Babidi’s dark energy is felt, but it does not gain access to Vegeta’s body in the same way that Baby does when it infects him. It’s another inconsistency to help facilitate Buu’s rebirth and Vegeta’s turn.

1 Why makes him so obsessed with Goku

One of the longest lasting relationships in Dragon Ball Z is he friendly rivalry that exists between Vegeta and Goku. The two of them push each other to get stronger and be able to outperform each other. It is this desire to surpass Goku that pushes Vegeta to become Majin, but then he becomes unnecessarily obsessed with Goku’s humiliation.

Vegeta is distracted from the most important goal at hand and worsens Earth’s chances of survival through his beating of Goku. There is a lot of pent up aggression that is released, but Vegeta should just be satisfied knowing that he is stronger.

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