Dynamite sells film and television rights to Vampirella

Mike the Pike Productions subsidiary, Arowana Media Holdings, purchases the film and television rights to Vampirella from Dynamite Entertainment.

Dynamite Entertainment has sold the movie, television and streaming rights to one of its most beloved properties. Vampirella.

Mike the Pike Productions’ subsidiary, Arowana Media Holdings, secured the rights to Dynamite in a deal that includes all Vampirella stories, characters and derivative works.

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“We are delighted with the opportunity to bring this incredible character to the screen in a big way,” said MIKP Executive Director and Producer Mark B. Newbauer in a statement. “Nick Barucci, founder and CEO of the prolific Dynamite Comics, is an incredible visionary with an eye for history and a talent for integration into the zeitgeist. He and everyone at Dynamite have resurrected this character in significant ways over the last decade. and this latest run with Priest appears to be just the beginning of his next 50 years and beyond. We are truly grateful for the faith and support of Dynamite, Nick and their representatives, including Illuminati Entertainment’s producer / manager Ford Gilmore. “

Created by Forrest J. Ackerman and Trina Robbins, Vampirella debuted in 1969 Vampirella # 1 from Warren Publishing. Since then, the rights to the character have gone to Harris Publications and finally Dynamite in 2010. In the Dynamite continuity, Vampirella works with Dracula to thwart a revolution led by her former disciples, though the title has been relaunched multiple times since then.

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A preview Vampirella The film adaptation premiered in 1996, with Talisa Soto playing the vampire of the same name.

Source: Mike the Pike Productions

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