Falcon and Winter Soldier: Mackie unsure of plans for season 2, more movies

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Anthony Mackie said there are no plans for a second season and that he is unsure about the future of his MCU film.

Despite the fact that Marvel Studios planned their projects years in advance, there are no discussions about a second season of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney +.

As part of your profile on star Anthony Mackie, Variety dived deep into the actor’s past, speaking with peers and co-workers before his return as Sam Wilson in the Marvel sequel. WandaVision. The show will span six episodes and will continue where Avengers Endgame Stopped. Although Steve Rogers gave his shield and cloak to Sam, the story will see the hero face many conflicts on his way to becoming the next Captain America. But despite the potential for both the show and the Falcon’s future, Mackie said things are still up in the air.

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According to the outlet, Mackie confirmed that there are no active plans for season 2 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Many of Marvel’s upcoming shows have been featured as miniseries that explore certain stories and corners within the larger universe, but as Disney + looks to expand its content, it’s not hard to imagine new seasons. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige confirmed this, saying that certain shows will have a second and third season, although he did not offer any names.

Although it’s unclear if Mackie’s character will, in fact, become Captain America, the series seems poised to establish a future franchise with the actor picking up where Chris Evans left off. But given the current state of movie theaters and premieres in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mackie told the outlet that he is not sure when the Falcon could appear in another movie.

Marvel Studios currently has the next few years of movies ready and none of them include a Captain America or Avengers film. While it’s possible that the Falcon will appear in any of the upcoming movies or TV shows Marvel has planned, it seems fans will have to wait until at least the conclusion of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to know the fate of Sam Wilson in the MCU. So while the character’s future is uncertain, the series will explore the hero’s past and show why he stands out among his fellow superheroes.

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Directed by Kari Skogland, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier stars Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Emily VanCamp, Wyatt Russell, Noah Mills, Carl Lumbly, and Daniel Brühl. The series premieres March 19 on Disney +.

Source: Variety

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