While Final Space is entering its third season, there are still unanswered questions from the pilot episode.

Final space is a revolutionary series by Olan Rogers. Published as a pilot in 2016 on Youtube before being picked up by Conanco and TBS, Final space is an intergalactic epic that follows Gary Goodspeed and his group of friends as they fight against galactic forces and help protect Mooncake, a lovable killer of other-dimensional planets. With two seasons released and a third released on March 20, 2021, there are some unanswered questions from the driver.

What did Gary steal from Dr. Bluestein and Derek?

In the pilot, Gary recorded a message for Quinn, reminding him that this was their fifth anniversary and giving audiences the important origin story of how they met. Audiences re-introduced Gary before his sentencing as he ran away from two otherworldly characters, Derek and Dr. Bluestein. They chased Gary as he stole something from them, but Gary claimed it was originally his.

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The object in question was a diamond that is important enough for Derek and Dr. Bluestein to go after Gary. The diamond doesn’t make another appearance, but it should. Final space has proven that no small detail is unimportant, and the origin of the diamond must emerge somewhere again, especially with all the time travel adventures the team gets into.

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Where was Mooncake before meeting Gary?

While working on the repairs, Gary decided to take a break, watch a movie but not get very far, as he saw a loose pixel, which turned out to be Mooncake. While his origin remained a mystery for quite some time, audiences learned that he is the final spatial energy formed from Gary’s father closing the gap.

In the years between Mooncake’s arrival in mainstream reality and her encounter with Gary, nothing is known. The Lord Commander seems to have struggled to find him from the breach, so Mooncake must have been hiding somewhere all that time.

Who was the man with the Lord Commander?

Based on the question above, the Lord Commander’s introduction is mixed in with that of the previous Mooncake owner. His name is unknown, as well as any details about his life. He mentioned to some friends that they need to hear about the Lord Commander’s stature, but his friends were also strangers.

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Before this mysterious figure was tortured by the Lord Commander, he revealed one more detail. He didn’t know where Mooncake was or where he came from, as Mooncake found him. This could mean that Mooncake ran into him like she did Gary, or that Mooncake was instructed by Bolo the Titan to go with this man, knowing that he would eventually lead him to Gary.

Why wasn’t the Infinity Guard alerted to the Galaxy 1 intrusion?

Gary began the series as a prisoner after destroying 92 star cruisers and a small family-owned Mexican restaurant while posing as a pilot. His punishment was deep space repairs while alone in a spacecraft with robots and HUE artificial intelligence. fold.

While HUE activated some defenses, the attack should have alerted Infinity Guard to a possible prison break. HUE appeared to act as a prison guard, so their actions should be good enough to prevent any escape attempts, but the Galaxy 1 seemed to have been forgotten. Infinity Guard should have been aware of this attempt, unless the Galaxy 1 was hidden from someone within the Guard.

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