Friends: 10 Relationships Fans Supported From The Beginning (5 That Surprised Everyone)

From the opening scene, it was clear that romance was going to be a big part of Friends. After all, the pilot begins with Monica telling her friends about a boy she’s dating, Ross is mourning the end of her marriage, and Rachel is left without her wedding. Throughout the entire show, dating was key, and everyone was looking for that special someone, even if it took them a long time to get there.

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Some relationships were clearly the end of the game, like Ross and Rachel, even though it took the whole series to really work out. Others, however, didn’t make it in the end, despite fans being supportive of them, and some were expected to be short-term adventures, and they ended up being so much more.

10 Everyone surprised: Joey and Janine

When Joey started his roommate search, he clearly expected to find a roommate he could date, and everyone warned him not to. When Janine, a beautiful model, took over the room, it was assumed that this could never work. She was out of Joey’s league, he was being pretty creepy, it was inappropriate, and it seemed like a long shot. However, Joey and Janine surprised fans not only when they got together, but when it was Janine’s dislike of Monica and Chandler (not the issues of living together) that separated them.

9 Supporting: Monica and Pete

When Monica met Pete in season three, she wasn’t that excited about dating him, but he was clearly sweet and charming, and fans knew this would end up being more than a one-date story. And when it was revealed that Pete was actually a billionaire, it was exciting to think that Monica could end up being his super rich wife! When she found a note about custom ‘ring design’ and he told her he had something important to talk about with her, everyone thought this would be a proposal … and it was so disappointing to realize it was a new passion for wrestling definitive (and one that dissolved them in the end).

8 Everyone surprised: Rachel and Joey

Friends, joey

Until Friends Romances Go, Rachel and Joey is probably the most hated on the show. The two obviously got along, had a great time living together and were great friends.

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But after all of Rachel’s history with Ross, and given their major romantic incompatibilities, it was a huge surprise when they ended up reuniting. Especially when Rachel initially didn’t want this to happen, and rejected Joey, and considering that Joey was also in another relationship at the time.

7 Supporting: Phoebe and David

Phoebe and David got together early in the series and had an incredibly cute first meeting, when Phoebe called David about talking during their set in the cafeteria … and it turned out that she was telling her friend how beautiful she thought. she was. It’s no wonder fans had a soft spot for these two early on, and they had phenomenal chemistry and great partnership. However, it just wasn’t meant to be that way, as David’s career ended up getting in the way.

6 Everyone surprised: Monica and Richard

Monica’s relationship with Richard was definitely one that attracted attention, as he was not only much older than her, but also a friend of her parents who had known her since childhood. Many fans and characters found it difficult to bear the idea of ​​a man being attracted to a woman he remembered as a child swimming in his pool, but these two had a surprisingly sweet dynamic in the end. They didn’t work out, as Monica wanted kids and Richard didn’t want any more, but they were still a big part of the show.

5 Supporting: Rachel and Joshua

Rachel didn’t have many relationships early on that fans were excited about. Paolo was a seedy scoundrel who flirted with his friends, Barry was her horrible ex cheating on her, and most of her other early relationships were incredibly brief, or Ross. However, it seemed things would be different with Joshua, whom she met as a client while working as a personal shopper. Clearly, she was very much in love with him, and he seemed like a great guy; it was a shame when she ruined it due to some unfortunate insecurities and a wedding dress mistake.

4 All surprised: Phoebe and Mike

Friends Mike and Phoebe

When Mike first appeared on the show, it seemed like the episode was unlikely to last. Joey put it with Phoebe essentially at random, after he lied to him about finding him a date named Mike, and then he just yelled ‘Mike’ in the cafeteria to see if anyone would respond.

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From that, it would be easy to assume that Mike was going to be a one-time auction, but he ended up staying and even marrying Phoebe. Fans loved him as soon as they met him, but no one would have expected that.

3 Supporting: Ross and Charlie

Ross was known for his terrible luck with relationships, and part of that was due to some pretty terrible decisions on his part. He dated a student, cheated on Rachel (or maybe they were on hiatus …), married a woman he had only known for a few weeks … he just didn’t make good relationship decisions! However, when she met Charlie, it seemed that they would be perfect for each other. She was in her field, on her level intellectually, she seemed to like her and they had great chemistry. Of course, this quickly went out the window, and she fell in love with Joey before dating Ross at the end, but at first, it seemed like it would be a great idea.

two Everyone surprised: Monica and Chandler

Chandler and Monica's Wedding Dance on Friends

Monica and Chandler end up being an amazing couple, but no one would have seen it coming. They even had a conversation early in the show about the possibility of getting married instead of ending up alone, and they decided not to! Then when they had an affair in London, it was easy to assume that it would just be an affair, especially given the potential complications! However, in the end, fans were happy to be amazed at how well it worked.

1 Supporting: Ross and Rachel

Friends - Rachel and Ross kissing

This may be a bit more controversial entry, as not everyone loved Ross and Rachel from the start … but they were clearly shaping up as the central couple from the start. In the pilot, Ross says that he just ‘wants to get married again’, and that’s when Rachel rushes in wearing a wedding dress. A great joke, sure, but also the beginning of the series’ longest on-off relationship. And from the moment Phoebe declared them lobsters, the fans were on board.

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