From Dusk Till Dawn and 9 other movies that change genre midway

From Dusk Till Dawn is an example of a movie that shifts gears in the middle, just like these other great movies with more than one genre.

Genre movies are a lot of fun, but it’s hard to avoid predictability when there are tropes and conventions to follow. One way to have fun with genre tropes while keeping things fresh and subverting expectations is to combine two different genres. This can mean doing two genres at once, like an action comedy or sci-fi horror movie, or starting with one genre and taking a wild left turn to another mid-plot.

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A good example of the latter is From dusk to dawn, which is set up as a crime movie and suddenly turns into a vampire-infested horror movie in the middle.

10 From dusk to dawn (1996)

With a pair of criminal brothers who took a family hostage on vacation to cross the border into Mexico, From dusk to dawn It is initially set up as a crime movie on a road trip.

Then, at the border, when they wait for his connection at a strip club, he suddenly turns into a horror photo of vampires. All of the strippers are revealed to be vampires and the story turns into a desperate struggle for survival.

9 Sun (2007)

the 28 days later The dream team of director Danny Boyle, screenwriter Alex Garland, and star Cillian Murphy came together to Sunshine, a space psychological thriller set in the year 2057.

Garland’s script begins as pure science fiction about space exploration, then makes a jarring and unnecessary change to a mediocre slasher in his third act.

8 Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Clint Eastwood’s critically acclaimed boxing movie million dollar Baby starts out as a female version of Rockybut after a nasty spill onto an overturned stool, it turns into a heartbreaking drama about disability.

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Hilary Swank delivers one of the best performances of her career in this film, while Morgan Freeman and Eastwood himself provide strong support.

7 Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Before leading the super violent neo-noirs Fight in Cell Block 99 Y Dragged through the concrete, S. Craig Zahler made his directorial debut with Bone tomahawk, starring Kurt Russell.

The movie starts off as a straightforward western, but morphs into a gruesome festival of blood as the characters take on a murderous cult of cannibals in the desert.

6 Titanic (1997)

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in Titanic

James Cameron originally only released a movie about the sinking of the Titanic because he wanted 20th Century Fox to pay for it to explore the wreckage of the ship, but it ended up becoming the highest grossing movie of all time.

While Titanic It starts out as a romantic drama about lovers Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, inevitably turning into a disaster movie when the iceberg hits.

5 Murder List (2011)

By Ben Wheatley Death list It is initially set as a hitman thriller about a pair of soldiers returning from war and becoming hitmen to survive. One of them suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder due to a mission in Kiev.

When the hitmen unknowingly collide with a ritualistic cult in the forest, Death list turns into a heartbreaking horror story in which killing for money is the least of the characters’ problems.

4 Bullet to the head (1990)

Tony Leung, Waise Lee and Jacky Cheung Bullet to the Head.

In its first half, Bullet in the head is a typical John Woo action thriller about a group of Hong Kong gangsters who decide to relocate their criminal enterprise to Vietnam.

There, they are swept up in the Vietnam War and end up in a prison camp with some American soldiers. Suddenly, the film turns into a dark psychological thriller in the vein of The deer Hunter or Apocalypse now.

3 The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

Drew Goddard’s directorial debut The cabin in the woods It begins with a very familiar premise when a group of college students head to an isolated cabin in the middle of nowhere. At first, it looks like it will be a pure horror movie following the same tropes that fans have seen a million times before.

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However, in its second half, when it is revealed that an underground facility is secretly controlling all the horror movie cliches that plague the cabin, it turns into a meta-science fiction movie.

two Audition (1999)

It is arguably Takashi Miike’s masterpiece, Hearing is a horror classic that doesn’t start out as a horror movie at all. Initially, it is a melodramatic romance about a widower who seeks a new wife at the urging of his son. With the help of his producer friend, he auditions women to find a new soul mate.

However, as her new lover’s sinister streak of jealousy looms and her dark secrets are revealed, Hearing quickly turns into an intense and bloody horror thriller.

1 Psychosis (1960)

Marion psycho

Alfred Hitchcock refused to allow viewers to attend screenings of Psychopath after the movie started. To get the full effect of Hitchcock’s winding thriller, arguably the best film of his career, which says a lot, as it has more than a dozen unmistakable masterpieces under its belt, audiences must see every second.

After being set up as a suspenseful crime story about embezzlement when Janet Leigh runs away with her boss’s money, Psychopath suddenly becomes the first assassin with the iconic shower murder at the midpoint.

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