FTL Inspired Maritime Calling Developer Shares Behind The Scenes Trailer

Roguelike’s life simulator and ship, Maritime Calling, is on track to launch this year, and its developer is giving players a behind-the-scenes look.

Timat Games, the developer of the next FTL-inspired roguelike Maritime call, has released a behind-the-scenes look at how the game is being made. Scheduled for launch in late 2021, the Maritime call studio is eager to prove it’s worth it.

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In a new trailer, Tiamat discusses and demonstrates the design process of building a historically accurate pre-colonial sailing simulator, in which players take on the role of captain to manage their ship’s crew as they venture out to sea. The Russian study explains and demonstrates the challenges of manufacturing systems that simulate buoyancy and weather as they affect ships in Maritime callas well as the biggest narrative hook in the indie industry: its AI team. Although each sailor is primarily controlled by player commands, their behaviors, traits, and more add additional layers to the constant simulation of the crew.

While Maritime call not a spectator, it could turn out to be an interesting exploration of what is already a widely used genre. Although “roguelike” has almost lost its original meaning (games that are played like Rogue) at this point in gaming history, as elements of the genre have become more common in AAA games, such as Borderlands 3Arms Race, which combines those random mechanics with the simulation and role-playing genres, could pay off for Tiamat when her title goes live in late 2021.

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Maritime call It will be available for PC in the third quarter of 2021.

Source: Tiamat Games

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