Full House: Ten Questions About Joey Gladstone, Answered

As streaming services continue to gain popularity, characters from shows like Full house have seen their status rise. Joey is one of the most notable in the series, having been the family’s prankster and a source of much of the show’s comedy.

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While fans have questions about TGIF’s lineup in general, fans of Joey have also had things they want to know more about him. Some of these are things that were even shown in Full house but they give a reflection of his character when compiled together with other data about him. With Fuller House Coming into the mix, Joey’s background has been further carved out.

10 When was born?

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This is a common question towards Danny Tanner as well due to the relatively uneven explanations regarding his and Joey’s date of birth. Joey has been established like September 21, 1958, and Danny is sometimes shown as older or younger.

Joey’s date of birth places him as 29 years old when Full house started, which aligns with Danny’s and that he’s a few years older than Jesse. When Fuller House It started, Joey claimed he was “55 years old” but actually he would have been 57 at the time.

9 What are your most popular impressions?

There is no doubt that Joey’s Disney counterpart would be the Genie of Aladdin due to his habit of making impressions. Over the course of the series, he made too many of these to name them all, but was favored by him more than others.

Joey’s favorite print was Bullwinkle, closely followed by Popeye. Of the impressions he made multiple times in different episodes, the ones that stand out are Daffy Duck, Scotty from Star trek, Yosemite Sam and The Godfather.

8 Who are your most important love interests?

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While Fuller House could not live up to Full house somehow, he did Joey justice by giving him a stable relationship. In Full house, he never had a confirmed love interest and was seen with several different women who were phased out.

Of these, the most prominent include Cheryl, whom he met during an awkward triple date, Patty, a former college girlfriend, and Wendy Tanner, Danny’s sister who Joey realized he was attracted to. Fuller House he eventually gave the character a wife in Ginger, to whom Joey remained married.

7 Who is part of your immediate family?

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Joey’s family life remained the least explored of the series, with only a few clues and the appearance of his father. His parents are Mindy and Colonel Gladstone, but they divorced due to the latter’s strict behavior and different ideals.

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Joey was somewhat estranged from his father until they reconciled, while Fuller House showed him with his own family. This included his wife Ginger and four children named Phyllis, Lewis, Joan Gladstone and Jerry Gladstone.

6 What are your hobbies and interests?

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With so many characters in the series, Joey fans like to find out what makes them similar to their favorite character. This can be answered through the interests Joey showed, such as playing the harmonica, riding a bike, playing basketball, rollerblading, and learning talents like playing the piano.

The most passionate that showed Joey moving around was ice hockey, as he was a huge fan of the sport and a staunch fan of the Detroit Red Wings. This was inspired by actor Dave Coulier de Joey, who is a massive fan of the team.

5 What have been your most important works?

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While fans are aware that the financial situation in Full house It was unrealistic as the characters were fine even fighting, Joey got a more realistic angle by dabbling in a lot of jobs. His main profession remained that of a comedian, in which he achieved success by Fuller House.

In Full houseJoey worked in advertising alongside Jesse, first as a company employee and later as J&J Creative Services. He also found work as an actor in the sitcom. Surf’s up, played Ranger Joe on a children’s variety television show with his puppet, and had a radio show with Jesse called Rush Hour Renegades.

4 Whose names are your children?

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Some fans have noted how the names of Joey’s two daughters and two sons are so specific and have wondered if there is any meaning behind them. Those who know the world of comedy will realize that it is a nod to famous personalities.

His daughters are has the name of Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers, while their children were named Jerry Lewis and Jerry Seinfeld. This is basically a confirmation of Joey’s love for comedy, as he made sure to name his children after the legendary comedians he looked up to.

3 What is your education?

Joey’s education is a mystery to most fans, as he was shown to attend everything from elementary school, Golden Bay High School, and even college with Danny, only for the two to go separate paths in their careers. .

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However, it was revealed that he did have a degree in education, which he earned in case being a comedian didn’t work out. He used this title to become a substitute teacher for Michelle, where Joey displayed significant knowledge, proving that he did well in education.

two Have you ever been referred to as uncle?

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While he has always been regarded as an uncle figure to viewers, Danny’s children never named Joey as such, which some consider an indication of their supposedly poor friendship. In Fuller House, even DJ’s children referred to him as Joey despite the latter having an uncle relationship with them again.

However, Joey was called uncle at one point, which happened after Alex and Nicky were born. Jesse, who had already become best friends with Joey, claimed that his children would refer to him as an uncle to commemorate their bond.

1 What is a mannerism of character that went largely unnoticed?

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There are many hidden details about Full house that many were too young to realize it or failed to grasp. One of them is very little known, but it is an indication of Joey’s eccentric nature. This is Joey’s habit of dressing his mannequin in whatever he is wearing.

This can be seen when Joey has a scene with the mannequin present, wearing the exact same costume as Joey at the time. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, as the mannequin always has Joey’s choice of clothing.

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