Glasslite Vlix: Why A Character You’ve NEVER Heard Of Is The Holy Grail From Star Wars

Not many have heard of the Glasslite Vlix action figure, but this rare toy has become the holy grail for Star Wars collectors.

One of the rarest Star Wars toys ever made is an action figure of a little-known character from cartoons from the 1980s. Droids, Vlix Oncard. In fact, Vlix is ​​such a dark character that most Star Wars fans have never heard of him, even those who grew up with the show.. However, the Vlix Glasslite figure became the rarest toy ever created, gaining notoriety among toy collectors in the process.

Vlix initially appeared in four episodes of Star Wars: Droids in 1986. It was an Annoo-dat Blue, a humanoid alien from the planet Annoo. Vlix worked as the head of security for the villainous Fromm Gang, a criminal enterprise in Annoo that, despite its legitimate front, used its militaristic force to extort money and sell weapons. Vlix was a devoted member of the family, fulfilling his will without question or hesitation.

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Ultimately, Boba Fett captured Vlix along with various members of the Fromm Gang, after which his fate is unknown. Has a minimal presence outside of his role in Droids, and is better known for the story surrounding his action figure than for his role in the franchise. In fact, Vlix’s last name, Oncard, is never mentioned in the cartoon itself. The name started as a joke because the Vlix figure is rarer when it is “on the card” or when the toy is in mint condition and in its original packaging.

Sadly, part of the reason Vlix Oncard figures are so rare may be due to a lack of general interest. This is certainly not the case for all dark Star Wars characters, some of whom remain popular years or even decades after minor appearances. For example, the enthusiasm for Admiral Thrawn has persisted long enough to see the character make the leap from Legends to modern Star Wars canon, even though he never appeared in a movie. Although Vlix is ​​still largely unknown, the story behind his action figure is quite interesting.

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It seems strange that such a dark character has become such a coveted figure. The secret was with the toy manufacturer Kenner, which had an exclusive contract to produce figurines for Droids Unfortunately, the show was canceled before Kenner could produce all of the figures and the company had already created an expensive mold for the Vlix figure. So, to recoup the losses, the mold was sold to the Brazilian toy company Glasslite.

Glasslite produced approximately 2,000 Vlix figures in the late 1980s, when Droids broadcast on Brazilian television. However, Lucasfilm, which retained the intellectual rights to the character, was unaware that Glasslite had purchased the molds from Kenner, which meant that the 2,000 Vlix toys were made without Lucasfilm’s permission. As a result, Lucasfilm ordered the toys to be recalled and destroyed. By then, an unknown number of toys had been sold and the rest were rumored to have been destroyed in a warehouse fire.

Due to its incredible rarity, the Glasslite Vlix figure became an important collector’s item among toy and figure collectors. Today, a Glasslite Vlix figure can sell for between $ 5,000 and $ 20,000 when out of its original packaging. However, in its packaging, the toy can sell for a staggering $ 45,000 to $ 60,000. This is a huge amount for a Star Wars character that hardly anyone remembers.

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