Google Promises It Won’t Replace Cookie Trackers In Chrome: Why It Matters

Google is set to get rid of third-party cookies in Chrome by 2022. Now, the company promises it won’t replace them when that happens.

Google is configured to remove third-party cookie trackers from Google Chrome By 2022, and when that happens, the company now promises that it will not replace them with another tracking system. Google said in January 2020 that it was in the process of removing third-party cookies in an effort to make Chrome more privacy-conscious, but until now, it was unclear what would happen once they disappeared.

For those of you unfamiliar, third-party cookie trackers are what companies use to view people’s online browsing history. When these companies know what sites someone is visiting and what interests them, it is easier to serve targeted ads. These targeted ads can sometimes be helpful, but most of the time they end up being intrusive.

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In a recent blog post, Google confirmed It has no plans to replace third-party cookie trackers or create new ones once they have officially disappeared from Chrome. Instead, web products like Chrome will get “Privacy-preserving APIs that prevent individual tracking while delivering results for advertisers and publishers.“When these new APIs go into effect, users will be able to browse the web with greater confidence while advertisers can still target the right audiences.

Why the Google Promise Matters

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With these new privacy-focused APIs replacing third-party cookies, Google hopes to offer the best of both worlds. Google is an ad business and you can’t get rid of targeted ads entirely, but now you are giving users a future to wait where their privacy / data will be more respected than it is today. As Google points out in their blog post, “People shouldn’t have to agree to being tracked on the web to reap the benefits of relevant advertising. And advertisers don’t need to track individual consumers on the web to reap the performance benefits of digital advertising.. “

A study of Pew Research found that 72% of people feel that all their online activity is being tracked by advertising companies, and another 81% noted that the danger / risk of this constant tracking is worse than any benefit that comes from it. Those numbers make it clear that more and more people are losing the confidence in the privacy they have when they spend time online, and for Google, that’s not a good thing. That’s why this Chrome news is so important.

Especially at a time when Google is facing a lot of backlash around antitrust actions and its rampant gathering of user data, a move like this is really positive. Online advertising is critical to many sites running and making money, but there are ways to do it without constantly tracking the activity of everyone who goes online. Hopefully other companies follow Google’s lead.

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Source: Google, Pew Research

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