Harry Potter: 10 Things About Ravenclaw House That Make No Sense

Ravenclaw is one of the four Hogwarts houses in Harry Potter. They are smart, but that doesn’t mean that everything about them makes sense.

Harry Potter became famous for its characters, as well as the intricate and complex world in which it takes place. The world building also included Hogwarts, with its four houses.

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Most of the attention went to Gryffindor as this was the house that Harry and his friends belonged to. However, the other three houses were there as well, and various things about Ravenclaw show that not everything about the wizarding world makes sense.

10 Not all of his students are extremely intelligent

Ravenclaw is the place for the smartest young minds. Except that not all of his current or former students are as bright as might be supposed. An example of this is Moaning Myrtle. It is true that her personality might have changed once she became a ghost, but unlike living Ravenclaws, Myrtle is not a genius. She is cunning and good at spying on people, but if she were really smart, she would have realized that a basilisk was chasing her.

9 Ravenclaws also form cliques

Each house seems to have a certain group of students who are more popular than others. Everyone loves them, but sometimes they are also envious of them. One might think that Ravenclaw, with its abundance of smart students, would avoid putting people in boxes, but Ravenclaw students still play the perennial favorite and outcast game that is so typical of schools.

8 Ravenclaw has evil wizards too, but people don’t care

This fact concerns both Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Unlike the Slytherins, who don’t like other houses, Ravenclaw has a good reputation. But just like any other Hogwarts house, even Ravenclaw produced evil wizards or at least those who weren’t good people. One example is Gilderoy Lockhart, who stole other people’s heroic deeds and erased their memories. It’s not on the same level as killing people, but it’s still far from good. Quirrell, who also attended Ravenclaw, was much worse when he made a pact with Voldemort himself. In fairness to Ravenclaw, it’s not the house’s fault if it sometimes contains a bad apple.

7 They are described as attractive

Cho Chang and Luna Lovegood of the Ravenclaw House

Throughout the books, Ravenclaws are described as attractive more than once. That begs the question of why this information is so important. It is true that the house has its fair share of handsome students.

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But if Ravenclaws value intelligence above anything else, it should be irrelevant whether they are also handsome or not. Of course the books are told from Harry’s point of view and since he is a teenager when the story happens, he of course pays attention to the pretty Ravenclaw girls.

6 They part

Cho Chang and Ravenclaw students

As smart people, Ravenclaws must know that interacting with students from other houses is the best way to broaden their horizons to become even smarter. However, they strangely seem to stick together. Maybe it’s because the tower they live in is far from other Hogwarts houses, but it’s quite possible that Ravenclaws are a little too picky when choosing their friends.

5 Has very few memorable characters

Luna Lovegood

In the end, Luna Lovegood was the one who had the biggest impact in the history of all the Ravenclaw students. There was also Cho Chang, but the books (or Harry, really) didn’t always portray her in the most positive light. Although Ravenclaw is full of talented people, they never got as much space as people from other houses, especially Gryffindor and Slytherin.

4 The movies changed the colors of Ravenclaw

This is a little detail about the Ravenclaw house that doesn’t make a lot of sense in the movies. In the books, Ravenclaw has two characteristic colors: blue and bronze.

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However, the movies changed the colors to blue and silver even though it has no impact on the history of the movies. The most plausible explanation is that they changed the colors because silver looks better than bronze.

3 Its main feature is strangely nonspecific

Helena Ravenclaw Gray Lady Harry Potter

As stated above, Ravenclaws value intelligence above anything else. It’s their defining characteristic and the reason Ravenclaw students are in Ravenclaw in the first place. However, it doesn’t really make sense, as intelligence is a strangely nonspecific character trait. All students must be smart in order to finish their studies at Hogwarts, regardless of which house they end up in. On the other hand, the other three houses have much more specific character traits that are not required to navigate Hogwarts smoothly. bravery (Gryffindor), loyalty (Hufflepuff) and ambition (Slytherin).

two Rowena’s headband was barely hidden

Ravenclaw eagle headband Harry Potter Rowena Ravenclaw horcrux

It is clear from the books that JK Rowling placed more emphasis on certain houses than others. Ravenclaw got the shorter end of the stick. Although Harry struggled to find most of the Horcruxes, the diadem that belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw was surprisingly easy to find. All it really took was for Harry to talk to Rowena’s daughter Helena and convince her to give him the tiara.

1 His symbol is an eagle, not a raven

People starting with Harry Potter You might be surprised to learn that the Ravenclaw symbol is an eagle, not a raven. They might think it doesn’t make any sense, and that’s not entirely the case. Perhaps choosing a crow as a symbol of the house would be too much on the nose, especially since the founder’s name was Rowena Ravenclaw. Instead, the honor went to an eagle, as the eagle symbolizes intelligence.

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