How Milena Govich pioneered law and order

Milena Govich joined Law & Order in its seventeenth season and this is why her character Nina Cassady was such a groundbreaking addition to the show.

Here’s why Milena Govich’s Law The character Nina Cassady was a groundbreaking addition to the show. Created by television heavyweight Dick Wolf, crime drama Law ran for twenty seasons between 1990 and 2010 and is the program that launched the solid Law franchise. The series combined elements of procedural and judicial police drama, with the first half of each episode focusing on a team of NYPD homicide detectives investigating a case and the second half focusing on prosecuting the responsible party.

Law featured several different detectives over the course of its 20 seasons on the air. The longest-serving detective was Jerry Orbach’s Lennie Briscoe, who appeared in 274 episodes, followed by Ed Green (Jesse L. Martin) and Mike Logan (Chris Noth), who got a total of 198 and 111 episodes, respectively. . Other Law Detectives include Rey Curtis (Benjamin Bratt), Dennis Farina’s Joe Fontana, and Kevin Bernard, played by Anthony Anderson.

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A quick look at the aforementioned characters and it’s clear there is some male bias when it comes to the show’s detectives. All that changed when Milena Govich joined Law in her seventeenth season as Nina Cassady, a groundbreaking character in the sense that she was the first and only female detective in the show’s 20-year history. Of course, there were many other female characters in Law like Lt. Anita Van Buren (S. Epatha Merkerson), Assistant Prosecutors Abbie Carmichael (Angie Harmon) or Serena Southerlyn (Elisabeth Röhm), ​​but not a female detective character until Nina arrived.

Milena Govich, Jesse L. Martin and S. Epatha Merkerson in Law & Order

Milena Govich’s first Law The episode was the “Fame” season 17 premiere in which it was revealed that she had been promoted from police officer to detective after a highly publicized incident at a hair salon that earned her the nickname “Beauty Queen. detective”. He teamed up with Detective Green as a replacement for Joe Fontana and frequently clashed with Lieutenant Van Buren for his inexperience and unorthodox methods.

Unfortunately, Milena Govich’s Law character only lasted one season. The last time she played Cassady was in the season 17 finale, “Family Time,” during which the detective found herself in trouble with Van Buren after spoiling the interrogation of a former senator suspected of murder. In the following season, Cassady was replaced by a male detective named Cyrus Lupo played by Jeremy Sisto who, interestingly, had a cameo in Milena Govich’s latest movie. Law episode as a completely alien character. There was also no explanation given as to why Nina left the team, nor was it mentioned again.

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