The Flash season 7 premiere explains what happened to Ralph Dibny, aka Elongated Man, after actor Hartley Sawyer was fired last season.

The flash The season 7 premiere, in a quick way, finds a way to get Ralph Dibny, aka Elongated Man, out of the Arrowverse. The CW DC TV franchise has undergone many changes with and without the effect of the global pandemic. Batwoman got a new edge after Ruby Rose left the show after just one season, with Javicia Leslie taking on the new role of Ryan Wilder. Supergirl Y Black Lightning It will end after season 6 and season 4, respectively. In the meantime, Superman and Lois has officially joined the lineup when Elizabeth Tulloch’s Tyler Hoechlin and Clark Kent and Lois Lane become permanent residents of the Arrowverse.

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However, in The flash, there was another great outing that was, perhaps, much more controversial. Elongated Man actor Hartley Sawyer was officially fired from The flash in June 2020 after offensive, racist and sexist tweets resurfaced. As those past tweets garnered a lot of attention, Warner Bros. TV and The CW, along with showrunner Eric Wallace, terminated Sawyer’s contract with the show. When he was fired from the series, there was a lot of speculation about what the Arrowverse drama with Elongated Man would do. Given that so far no one has been announced to take over, how did The flash write the character?

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Ralph is only mentioned once in The flash season 7 premiere, “All is well, Wells ends,” but that exposure did a lot to pull Sawyer’s character out of the show. The premiere, which was originally the twentieth episode of The flash season 6, followed directly by what happened in the last episode. After Eva McCulloch, also known as the new Mirror Master, escaped from the Mirrorverse, she killed her husband. But the problem did not stop there, as it also incriminated Sue Dearbon, a character closely related to Ralph’s history, since they have a romantic history in the comics.

The Flash Season 7 Hartley Sawyer as Ralph Dibny Grant Gustin as Barry Allen

Due to Sue’s framing, Ralph had to help her stay low before her name was completely cleared up. While neither of them appear in the episode, during a scene in CCPD, Cecile shows the CCPN cover that has Sue declared a fugitive as there is a manhunt for Eva’s husband’s killer. Without revealing their location, Cecile Horton says they will both stay off the grid. Since there are only a few episodes left of the Mirror Master story, fans should expect to see Sue sooner rather than later.

Although he will no longer have a major role, Wallace confirmed that the character will appear at least once to properly conclude that story, with The flash ready to recast Ralph Dibny. Whenever he appears, Ralph will have a new face since he can change form. But whether or not he actually returns with Sue or if the new actor only appears in a flashback with her to perhaps take off in some way remains to be seen. Even though Ralph Dibny’s time on the show will be over, at least there are still ways for Sue to be a part of it. The flash without him.

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