Hulk: how Bruce Banner formed Marvel’s STRONGEST Gamma team

In the Incredible Hulks series, Bruce Banner’s character Green Scar made an incredible team of powerful gamma mutants.

The Hulk is known for wanting to be left alone. As such, Bruce Banner has spent much of his life isolated from others. However, his lone wolf attitude was put to the test when he was given an entire family of gamma monsters.

The Jade Giant formed this new team of “Incredible Hulks” after the return of his character of Green Scar in Incredible Hulk # 611, by Greg Pak and Paul Pelletier. Once the Hulk resurfaced and reconciled with his son, Skaar, the Incredible Hulks were born. This lineup consisted of Banner, Skaar, Betty Ross as Red She-Hulk, Rick Jones as A-Bomb, original She-Hulk, and Korg. Almost all of these characters were gamma monsters, each with a specific connection to the Hulk.

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Together, the Incredible Hulks lived isolated from the rest of the world, until they were needed to help others. On their first mission, the Hulks had to defend Earth from Skaar’s twin brother, Hiro-Kala, a battle that tragically ended with Hiro-Kala’s death. Afterward, the Hulks protected the Land from the King of Chaos. The Hulks were some of the only mortals during the “War of Chaos” who were unaffected by the King of Chaos’ sleep spell.

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During this event, the Hulks battled undead enemies such as the Abomination and Bruce Banner’s demonic father. At the same time, this monstrous family earned a beautiful moment with their deceased loved ones, who returned temporarily during the “War of Chaos”. This gathering illustrated the comforting and healthy nature that came from an entire family of Hulks.

The early days of the Incredible Hulks, while turbulent, brought plenty of good times for these so-called monsters. Both Banner and the Hulk finally had a family, something he had really only accomplished once before, during “Planet Hulk.” Not only was this family made up of people he loved, like Betty Ross and Rick Jones, but these family members shared a perception as monsters. This gave Banner a group of people he could relate to and connect with, seemingly paying for years of loneliness.

Unfortunately, the Hulk’s fierce temper ended up sabotaging this relatively happy family. After the “War of Chaos”, the Green Scar angrily stormed Olympus, demanding a reward for saving Earth. Zeus did not obey, and the resulting battle saw the Hulk nearly dead. Subsequently, the Hulk reformed his Warbound into Savage Land. This new group consisted of the Hulk’s former Warbound along with Skaar. However, the Hulk eventually had a fight with his son, leaving Skaar and Korg behind. This was the first big blow for the Hulks as a family. The final story arc of Incredible HulksPak and Pelletier’s “Heart of the Monster” saw the family finally fall apart.

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After Red She-Hulk and Hulk turned on each other, Banner faced some of his worst enemies. After this fight, She-Hulk and A-Bomb gained the ability to switch between human and monstrous forms at will. Banner then decided to leave the group. Ultimately, Banner and Betty reconciled, choosing to live together on the run as the Hulks. After the events of “Fear Itself”, Banner and the Hulk parted ways, isolating him from Betty and definitely ending the Incredible Hulks as a group.

Now in The immortal Hulk, Banner has many gamma-powered allies. However, Betty Ross is more unpredictable than ever, now in her Harpy form. It was also revealed that Rick Jones was possessed by The Leader, betraying the Hulk. Doc Samson is also allied with Banner, but had to enter another body after being possessed by the Leader. This group is clearly much more unstable than the Incredible Hulks, who were quite a boisterous group to begin with.

Also, Hulk from the Incredible Hulks was the Green Scar, while The immortal Hulk features several different people within Banner’s body. At any time, the dominant person could be Banner, Devil Hulk, Savage Hulk, or Joe Fixit. Simultaneously, Green Scar’s character was corrupted by the Leader and used against Banner from within.

Although quite unhinged at times, the Hulk of Incredible Hulks it was more consistent than the current Hulk. Now, this is not to say that the Incredible Hulks were stable during their time together. On the contrary, the Incredible Hulks had a lot of fights and ended up breaking up pretty soon. Still, it was nice, if only for a moment, to see Bruce Banner alongside a family of fellow Hulks.

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