Hunter x Hunter: 15 Best Anime Quotes

One of the best anime of all time, thanks to its captivating story arcs and valuable life lessons, is that of Yoshihiro Togashi. Hunter X Hunter. The series also features a diverse set of personalities that collide dramatically or end up joining forces. Although the action sequences are exciting, the words of wisdom and identifiable reflections conveyed throughout the show are equally remarkable.

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The various characters are the driving force behind the series and they all have a purpose, which usually leads to fascinating exchanges of dialogue. Whether they are astute remarks from a villain or enlightening words from heroes, they are as meaningful as they are poignant.

Updated March 3, 2021 by Ajay Aravind: Hunter X Hunter It has been going on for so long that it has been permanently recorded as a crucial anime narrative. More important, however, is the overwhelming presence of its characters, be they protagonists, antagonists, or neutrals, who offer countless statements about their lives, their ambitions, their motivations, and the world in which they live. Neither the anime nor the manga are anywhere close to being finished, which means that the number of sayings that can be quoted will only increase over time.

fifteen Kurapika: “There are two things that collectors always want. The first as an item of extreme rarity. The second is the colleagues who can show off their collection.”

Kurapika’s insightful comment on the collectors directly correlates to her story. The eyes of his slaughtered Kurta Clan are considered novelties and people collect them as collectibles.

However, this quote has a broader meaning regarding greed and narcissism. People, especially those in a higher tax bracket, will go to great lengths to acquire impressive items, but they mean nothing if they have no one to brag to. It’s all a shallow ego trip that Kurapika doesn’t mind exposing.

14 Killua: “People only find me interesting because they don’t know if I’m serious or not.”

This may sound like a cheeky teenager’s self-analysis, but Killua accurately defines one aspect of his personality that makes him a fan favorite. Whether people are fully aware of it or not, the ambiguity will always be more interesting than the hard facts.

It’s what it does to others Hunter X Hunter characters like Hisoka Morow and Ging Freecss so intriguing. This is also a quote that people fluent in sarcasm can fully relate to. No one knows when they are being serious and that only adds to the fun.

13 Meruem: “Do you humans hear the cries of mercy from the pigs and cows they kill?”

Meruem eating

The newborn Chimera Ant King arrogantly denies the right of existence to a group of supplicating women, claiming that he would behave towards them in the same way that they treat their cattle.

This horrible claim works in two ways: through Meruem’s display of condescension to whatever life form he thinks is beneath him, as well as a compelling point about the horrors of the meat industry. This quote comes home to a large fraction of the show’s viewers.

12 Killua: “Gon, you are light. But sometimes you shine so brightly that I have to look away. Still, is it still okay if I stay by your side?”

Killua’s appreciation for Gon is one of the most charming elements in all of the HxH Serie. The bond the two share is heartwarming and propels her character development to new heights.

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This quote is incredibly beautifully worded and clearly describes Killua’s enthusiasm and anxiety about being around his new best friend (the second emotion pales in comparison to the first). Perhaps the young assassin should teach a master class on how to be the best. always supportive friend.

eleven Gon: “If you want to meet someone, find out what makes them angry.”

This is a famous quote outside of Hunter X Hunter, but the reminder never hurts. Anyone can pretend to be anything in relaxed circumstances, but nothing paints a person’s true colors better than anger. Something that is equally revealing is what triggers that anger.

The way a person talks and reacts under pressure is a massive indicator of what their overall personality is and if it is worth the time and effort. Gon is notoriously dense, so his brief moments of wisdom always deserve recognition.

10 Killua: “If I ignore a friend that I have the ability to help, wouldn’t I be betraying him?”

Silva has a close relationship with Killua, the son who intends to take his place at the top of the Zoldyck family. At one point, he fervently asks his son to promise him that he would “never betray [his] friends.”

Of course this clashes with the doctrine that Illumi has been trying to embed into his little brother’s psyche, namely that friendship and murder cannot go hand in hand. However, when Killua realizes that neglecting someone he cares about is tantamount to betrayal, he takes his first steps away from the rigidly emotionless philosophy of his family.

9 Hisoka: “It takes a mere second for the treasure to turn to garbage.”

Hisoka Hunter Exam

A reworking of the popular saying, “One man’s trash is another’s treasure,” this quote from Hisoka turns the tables and reminds the audience that treasure too can turn to trash in the blink of an eye.

No matter how good something is, it can easily disappear at any time. It’s a bitter reality check, courtesy of one of the series’ most morally questionable characters. On the other hand, that’s what Hisoka does best (or worse, depending on the context).

8 Killua: “When I say it doesn’t hurt, that means I can take it.”

Killua has been mercilessly trained to be an assassin from the moment he was born, so this quote could be taken literally in his case. Regardless, the statement is vivid for those who can resonate with it on an emotional level.

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Since life is a relentless series of ups and downs, being able to handle the latter is a fundamental part of the human experience. However, it is equally important to admit defeat and seek help when one is pushed beyond all bearable limits.

7 The narrator: “The countless dragons that rained down were less important threats than the humans in the sky.”

President Netero and Zeno Zoldyck

Hunter X HunterThe narrator is often the voice of the exhibition, especially in terms of the complexities surrounding the world and the powers and creatures that reside in it. During Netero and Zeno’s joint attack on Meruem’s palace, the latter unleashes his iconic Dragon Dive, generating an almost infinite burst of attacks that hit the building with immense force.

However, the true power remains with the two elders, especially Isaac Netero, who is the only person capable of standing up to the Ant King long enough to sneak a dose of poison into his last resort nuclear weapon.

6 Ging: “An apology is a promise to do things differently next time and to keep the promise.”

Although Ging Freecss is universally despised for being such a terrible father, he coincidentally bestows some of the best pearls of wisdom in the world. Hunter X Hunter anime.

Perhaps it is written this way to make up for his glaring absence from his son’s life. Either way, this statement on apologies is excellently worded. An apology should extend well beyond the word “sorry” and become a promise that will not be broken. That said, Ging has to seriously apologize.

5 Isaac: “The human potential for evolution is unlimited.”

Isaac Netero is an excellent example of his own inspiring comment. With years of arduous training, he has developed his skills to the fullest. Human beings continue to evolve year after year, technological advances are made frequently, and social norms continue to change.

Humanity as a whole is in a constant state of flux, which can sometimes lean more towards the negative side. As daunting as it is, this negativity can be challenged by those who only wish to do good. After all, this balance is what makes the world go round.

4 The narrator: “The Reaper’s riddles don’t need anyone to answer them.”

Hisoka vs. Gotoh

The Zoldycks send Canary, Amane, and Gotoh to bring Killua back home, when they discover Hisoka lurking in the middle of a dense forest. The villain gleefully states that his identity would be of no use to them, before proceeding to launch his legendary card attacks.

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However, Gotoh’s speed is initially high enough to keep Hisoka at bay, but the latter proves that he is too powerful to be held back by a mere butler. Conclude the battle with an untranslatable Japanese pun, “O-Shimai.” Consequently, the narrator delivers this mysterious quote when Gotoh is killed.

3 Meruem: “In the hands of an incompetent, power brings nothing but ruin.”

Meruem holding the world

As king of the chimera ants, Meruem doesn’t exactly qualify as a “human,” but he understands politics better than most. In a matter of seconds, Meruem can identify exactly how damaging human hierarchies are.

His exchange with Pouf is still relevant today, where many world leaders could be classified as incompetent, but they HAVE climbed certain political ladders with the help of money and / or connections.

two Ging: “You should really enjoy the little detours. Because that’s where you’ll find things more important than what you want.”

Ging’s words hit the hardest when one personally experiences the “detours” to which he refers. Most people have their lives mentally planned at some point or another: going to a particular college, getting a specific job, getting married at a certain age, etc.

Then reality hits and you realize that some things won’t work out as planned. However, this does not mean that all hope is lost. In essence, this is what Hunter X Hunter it is about, and it is a lesson that reflects reality in the most positive way.

1 Kurapika: “I’m not afraid of death. I’m just afraid my anger will fade with time. “

Kurapika and scarlet eyes

Kurapika has spent most of his life suffering in the throes of revenge, a fire that constantly threatens to consume him and everything he loves. Still, he refuses to put the past behind him, which is completely understandable, given how much his people had suffered before their miserable deaths.

It is unfortunate that Kurapika believes that the loss of his life is less important than any reduction in hatred he feels for the Ghost Company, but it is this rage that drives him to be the best possible version of himself. Maybe one day you will find the peace you deserve.

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