Infinite Frontier: New Suicide Squad Members Are Already Dying

As Infinite Frontier’s Suicide Squad launches its inaugural mission, several key members of the team have already been killed in action.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Suicide Squad # 1, by Robbie Thompson, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, Marcelo Maiolo and Wes Abbott, now on sale.

Infinite Frontier has introduced a new Suicide Squad to the DC Universe, with Peacemaker as the team’s last field commander, coordinating with Amanda Waller to carry out their agenda through the DCU. The relaunched team’s first mission seems simple enough: break into Arkham Asylum and free the Court of Owls’ deadliest Talon William Cobb so he can become the last recruit for Task Force X as hinted at during Future State. However, this mission quickly goes awry and the casualties begin to pile up, reminding everyone why Task Force X has earned the dubious nickname Suicide Squad.

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Here are the three members of the Infinite Frontier Suicide Squad killed on their maiden mission to free William Cobb from Arkham Asylum and how each of these shadowy figures found their eerie fate within the corridors of the Asylum.

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Bolt's Suicide Squad

The mission to get Cobb out was meant for a simple smash and grab job, with the Suicide Squad using Bolt’s teleportation abilities to exfiltrate Arkham after releasing the asset from his cell. This is compounded when Cobb immediately reacts to his newfound freedom by slitting Bolt’s throat as the rest of Task Force X looks on in horror and realizes they have to develop a new escape plan when the guards detect his presence.

Bolt was created by Sean McKeever and Eddy Barrows in 2008 Teen Titans # 55 (vol. 3) as a member of the young heroes rival team, the Terror Titans. Originally taking the supervillain moniker Dreadbolt, the young antagonist takes on his father’s alter ego, Bolt, after murdering him under the orders of the Clock King.

Movie fanatic

True to form, Film Freak is the most vocal of the new Suicide Squad members, consistently citing classic films despite obvious annoyance voiced by the rest of his crew. Created by Will Pfeifer and David Lopez in 2006 Catwoman # 54 (vol. 3), Edison is actually the second criminal to take the Film Freak moniker after starting a revenge against Selina Kyle’s best friend Holly Robinson.

In the confusion of the escape attempt, the Joker launches a chemical attack on Arkham. As the toxin swirls around the cells, Film Freak weakly provides one last quote from the film before succumbing to the effects of the poison, presumably dying with the Joker’s trademark grin in the halls of Arkham.

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The last member of the Infinite Frontier Suicide Squad to apparently die in the opening issue is Shrike, a master assassin who has a long-standing grudge against Nightwing. Created by Chuck Dixon and Scott McDaniel in 1999 Nightwing: secret files and origins # 1, Boone was trained from a young age by members of the League of Assassins to become the next lethal protégé to follow in his footsteps before facing Dick Grayson in Bludhaven, after the former Boy Wonder became one of the first figures. in evading a murder contract. .

As Cobb flees the Suicide Squad after attacking them and the Joker’s toxin unleashed begins to spread, Peacemaker prioritizes chasing after him rather than saving Shrike from the poisonous gases, leaving the killer behind to die while Shrike curses Peacemaker before being sealed inside the room with the toxin swirling around her, presumably killed by it.

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