Justice League was meant to be a Lord of the Rings-style trilogy

Zack Snyder says that Justice League was meant to be a Lord of the Rings-style trilogy that would tell a general story over a sequence of movies.

League of Justice was meant to be a Lord of the Rings-Style trilogy on Zack Snyder’s original conception of the film series. Snyder started the DCEU with 2013’s Iron Man before going to direct Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as a prelude to his 2017 movie. Unfortunately, Snyder left League of Justice during post-production and Warner Bros. hired Joss Whedon to complete the film. Whedon severely altered Snyder’s vision for the film and even DC executives felt his version of League of Justice It was a disaster.

Fortunately, fans began campaigning for Snyder to complete his original vision for the 2017 film. What began as a far-reaching social media movement became a real project for the longtime director when WB announced on 2020 that Snyder would be completing his version of League of Justice to be released on HBO Max. The four-hour cut was originally intended to be released as a four-part series on the streamer, but will now hit HBO Max in its entirety on March 18.

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Snyder has constantly poked fun at his part of the movie and what he had in store for the future of the DCEU and told him Total movie who had a specific trilogy in mind when planning for the future League of Justice tickets. Snyder says he imagined the League of Justice movie sequence like Lord of the Rings style trilogy, with the first film just the beginning of what it had in the history of iconic heroes. League of Justice It was meant to serve as a blueprint for what was to come in the DCEU, but Snyder says that ultimately, his idea is unlikely to be fully realized.

For me, there is a trilogy of films that I rely on. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Y League of Justice they’re a continuity, and within that three-movie arc there’s a consistent tone. Frankly, it was meant to be the basis for two other [Justice League] movies, it’s not that those movies are ever going to be photographed, I don’t see that happening, and it stays true to that concept. It was meant to be like Lord of the Rings and not just once. That’s the way I think about it.

Zack Snyder's Justice League

With the impending release of Snyder Cut, the director has consistently poked fun at what he would have done in a sequel to League of Justice. The sequel would have been completely set in the world of Knightmare in which the original film spends some time. Snyder is set to revisit these Knightmare sequences in his version of the film, with Jared Leto’s Joker making an appearance in the only newly shot scene for the film. four hour movie. Unfortunately, that may be the last time fans get a glimpse of the apocalyptic future.

Snyder and DC executives made it clear that the future of the DCEU will be vastly different than what came before. Fans are hoping that a big enough reaction to the Snyder Cut could change that, but it seems unlikely at this point, which is a shame, especially considering these. Lord of the Rings comments. By Snyder League of Justice It has all the makings of an epic trilogy: a ubiquitous villain in Darkseid and a vast landscape riddled with enemies. Sadly, Snyder’s vision will likely remain an important “what if?” Unless both Snyder and WB change their minds.

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