King in Black: Knull isn’t done tormenting Captain America yet

As the heroes prepare for King in Black’s final battle against Knull, Captain America may still be under the slavery of the symbiote god.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for King in Black: Captain America # 1, by Danny Lore, Mirko Colak, Stefano Landini, Roge Antonio, Nico Leon, Erick Arciniega and Joe Caramagna from VC, out now.

Captain America was one of the first waves of heroes overwhelmed and monstrously conquered by Knull, the dark god of symbiotes, during the crossover event. King in black. The Sentinel of Liberty led his fellow heroes in an energetic defense of Manhattan in Times Square only to be swallowed up completely by the invading army of symbiotes, with Captain America urging Black Cat to launch a major rescue mission in his dying moments. .

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And while Dylan Brock seemingly returned Cap to normal when Venom’s young son joined the fray, the Star-Spangled avenger does not seem to have completely rid himself of Knull’s insidious hold on his mind in King in Black: Captain America # 1.

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Immediately after the symbiote that had possessed his body was purged by Dylan’s own command over the symbiotes, Captain America jumped back into action without taking more than a moment to regain his orientation. Along with Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers resumes the fight against the symbiote monsters that threaten his city and rescue civilians caught in the crossfire. And as Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes express concern for their friend’s well-being, it is revealed that Cap suffers the immediate aftermath of his latest symbiote possession, with Knull attempting to reassert control and turn the superhero against his comrades in arms.

However, Captain America is constantly shaken by visions of himself transforming back into the symbiote monster he had been just minutes ago, even hungrier than before, and lashing out at Falcon and the Winter Soldier. With these hallucinations appearing vividly and without warning, Steve is visibly off-balance, with Sam and Bucky noticing how their friend is still in shock. As Steve confesses his concern that Knull is getting hold of him again, Sam and Bucky train him to purge Knull’s influence from his mind, seemingly forever, while Steve takes a moment to clear his own mind and join their two. best friends to continue the fight. for New York City.

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Knull’s telepathic control over his symbiotes and those linked to him is overwhelming. Even attempting to rewrite and hijack control of the symbiotes himself, Iron Man has been constantly resisting Knull’s powerful telepathic attempts to regain control of a target symbiote from Tony Stark. On the other side of the world, the Black Knight nearly fell under Knull’s enslavement, not through a symbiote, but through the Ebon Blade itself, and his cosmic origins are tied directly to the dark god. Both heroes have similarly managed to avoid Knull’s influence, but the god of symbiotes is nothing more than sinisterly persistent in pursuit of his goals.

Captain America is definitely back in the fray, despite telepathic feedback nearly corrupting him again. Steve Rogers isn’t known for slowing down, but his friends have helped him see the value in taking a break to make sure he’s okay to continue the good fight. Knull has been shown to have residual effects on the characters he owns, and that could present a lingering problem after the events of King in black But for now, the heroes have fully regained one of their most powerful figures when the Sentinel of Liberty manages to defeat Knull by sheer force of will and fight for the fate of his hometown.

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