KUWTK: Kendall enthuses fans about new YouTube collaboration with Kylie

Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans rejoice after Kendall Jenner teased her appearance in a YouTube collaboration with Kylie Jenner.

keeping up with the Kardashians Star Kylie Jenner has been inviting members of her family on her YouTube channel to do makeup tutorials, and the most recent video features Kendall Jenner. After recently sitting down with Caitlyn Jenner, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie is gearing up for another makeup session with Kendall. It’s been a while since viewers had a chance to see them together, so fans are expressing their excitement for this latest video.

Let the Kardashian-Jenners incorporate YouTube content creation as they bond with each other. Recent videos have shown Kylie putting makeup on Caitlyn Jenner as she talks about life and their relationship. Kim even made a recent appearance, during which fans noticed that Kylie removed West from her sister’s last name. Most recently, Kourtney gave her little sister some adorable parenting advice while putting on makeup.

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During the week, Kendall used her Instagram story to tease her next appearance on Kylie’s channel. “Filming another YouTube hehe #drunkgetreadywithme,Kendall captioned a selfie of her holding a Kylie Cosmetics mirror. The photo featured the supermodel as the next guest on her sister’s popular channel. “I’m excited about this” a fan shared in a Reddit thread centered on photo mock up. “Excellent way to promote your tequila” said another fan, referring to Kendall’s recent launch of his 818 tequila brand. It’s the first solo business venture for the fashion model.

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner in Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Another fan pointed out how nice it will be to see the two sisters together, considering that they rarely spend time together as they get older. “This actually seems like a good idea, as I feel like we hardly see Kylie and Kendall hanging out together or bonding.” they said. “Hopefully they had a good time and it wasn’t just to advertise Kendall’s tequila / Kylie youtube channel.The family of reality stars are known to use each other for cross-promotion. However, they are credited with having a close bond despite sharing much of their lives on social media and television. reality TV.

In the past, viewers have been raving about Kylie Jenner’s adorable baking videos with her young daughter Stormi Webster. However, they haven’t created one since the Christmas holidays when they baked Grinch-inspired cupcakes to promote their collection of Grinch cosmetics. With Kylie possibly getting her own show on Hulu to be successful keeping up with the Kardashians, you may have some new content ideas that your followers will enjoy too.

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