Latest ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong images revisit one of King Kong’s most iconic moments

King Kong to once again engage in one of his most iconic hobbies at the upcoming Monster Mash Godzilla Vs Kong, going back to your favorite tourist spots on top of a very tall skyscraper. Thanks to a host of recently released footage from the MonsterVerse movie, we now have a much better idea of ​​just how violent, destructive, and overall epic Godzilla and Kong’s battle will be, as they punch, throw, and bite their way through a city. illuminated with neon lights. .

One shot in particular shows Kong taking to the heights to get the best of the legendary lizard. Of course, Kong’s fondness for climbing doesn’t faze ‘Zilla, with the creature starting to glow and preparing to fire off some of its proprietary atomic breath. The other shots show Kong and Godzilla at eye level, with the great ape giving a punch that will likely send his adversary kaiju plummeting into a poor and unsuspecting building, with the final shot hinting that star Millie Bobby Brown is falling. encounters a mysterious, possibly discovery of Mecha.

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Godzilla Vs Kong is set to feature all manner of fists between the legendary couple as they find themselves in a battle for ages as humanity seeks to take down both creatures and take back the planet once and for all. Kong and his protectors have the fate of the world in their hands and are the only hope against an enraged Godzilla, who has been opening a swath of destruction across the world. The epic clash between the two Titans, instigated by unseen forces with nefarious purpose, is just the beginning of the mystery that lies deep within the Earth’s core.

Godzilla Vs Kong is being led by You are the next Y The guests Adam Wingard, who works from a script by Eric Pearson and Max Borenstein. Wingard recently explained how, whether you work with CGI monsters and all the money in the world or not, his approach to making the film has remained intimate. “You might have bigger sets and all that kind of stuff, but at the end of the day, making movies is still a very simple thing,” he said. “You have a camera and you have to put things in front of it. That’s the same at a $ 3,000 level or a $ 200 million level. It’s just about focusing on what you want or don’t want in front of the camera.” .

The filmmaker also revealed that he was at a ready stage to direct a Skull island film for Peter Jackson, a project that ultimately failed. “It was kind of lucky, because I wasn’t ready for that, to be totally frank,” Wingard said. “But then, over the years, I started moving up on different budgets. You Next started at $ 500,000. The Guest cost around $ 4 million. I did a TV pilot test for around $ 7 million.”

Fortunately, Wingard’s career projection has left him in a much better position to do the best version of Godzilla Vs Kong. “And each time, I was getting a more and more different level of experience, not just with budgets, but slowly the visual effects stuff started to show up, until I did Death Note. I think the final budget was around $ 28 million, if I remember correctly. That movie had some pretty big visual effects sets. So I got a first taste of the visual effects world and a slightly bigger budget. “

Godzilla Vs Kong It is scheduled to be released internationally in theaters on March 26, 2021 and in the United States on March 31, where it will be released simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max. This comes to us courtesy of Total movie.

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