After a 20-year hiatus, Joe Mad may be teasing the return of Battle Chasers, again. This time, maybe it’s really coming and fans have closure.

A release of Battle hunters # 10 has been teased by Joe Madureira. It’s been 20 years since the number 9 debuted and Battle hunters Fans would love for this joke to come true. After such a long time, a fantasy comic conclusion would be very welcome, as the series ended its highly criticized run on a suspense. After much teasing, another teasing has arrived.

Joe Madureira, often known as Joe Mad, is a comic book writer and artist known for his work on various Marvel comics, including Uncanny X-Men, Deadpool: The Circle Chase, Y Wild wolverine. It is also known for the Battle hunters comic series, which he created himself. Madureira has also worked for the video game Darksiders genesis through the Airship Syndicate company, co-founded by Madureira. Airship Syndicate also developed Battle Hunters: Nightwar.

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News about the future of Battle hunters it has been in short supply with only an occasional glimmer of hope. Now, another flash has emerged, leaving fans cautiously optimistic. About his Instagram account, @joemadx provided a Battle hunters image, which can cause a cover or return of the series. However, based on the story so far, it may be something else entirely:

Battle hunters # 0 It was published in 1998 by Wildstorm. Ultimately, the series went to Image Comics, which has been his home ever since, or would have been his home if the series had returned. This fantasy series tells the stories of Gully and Garrison. Gully is the daughter of a highly regarded warrior named Aramus who has disappeared and may have many secrets to uncover, while Garrison is a legendary warrior in his own right who was like an adopted son of Aramus. This story is packed with all the classic fantasy elements that make the genre fun. There is magic, a skilled and scarred warrior, and many villains full of different motivations and evil machinations.

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Battle Hunters – and Madureira – were strongly criticized for the numerous delays that occurred between numbers during the execution of the series. The numbers did not follow a monthly or bi-monthly format. Instead, they often had an average gap of six months, and issue 7 was posted after a sixteen-month delay. The series had a total of nine issues before going through a long and seemingly endless hiatus. In 2017, Joe Madureira seemed to announce that there would be three issues that would finally conclude the series. So far, this has not materialized. That doesn’t mean the series will never be over, as there is still a lot of fan interest in the universe.

Battle Hunters: Nightwar is an Airship Syndicate video game that was released in 2017 on multiple game systems, including PlayStation 4 and PC. In 2018, the game launched on the Nintendo Switch. The game was received positively and garnered many favorable reviews from critics. The game took main characters from the original comic series, including Garrison, but put them on a new adventure against different enemies than those present in the original material. The success of the game with the original characters and the world built by Joe Madureira shows that there is still a market available for this series, should it ever come to fruition.

The problem is, fans aren’t sure if this will finally be the payoff they’ve been waiting for a long time, and they’ve been eagerly anticipating the series’ conclusion long enough. The dedication fans have shown to this story, despite their post criticism and hiatus, is admirable and deserves to be paid. Hopefully this joke is the one that will finally give Battle hunters readers the closure they’ve been asking for. The Garrison and Gully story still has an open ending, but hopefully Joe Mad can finally deliver the final chapter.

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