Marvel Theory: White Vision is secretly Ultron

In Marvel’s WandaVision, SWORD has apparently resurrected the original Vision, but did they accidentally bring Ultron back as well? It’s possible.

Warning! Marvel spoilers WandaVision, Episode 8

At Marvel’s WandaVision, the new White Vision could secretly be the MCU’s villain Ultron. The post-credits scene for WandaVision Episode 8 revealed that SWORD has reassembled the Vision and is planning to deploy it in the hex that Wanda Maximoff created around the town of Westview. However, Vision is now completely white, having lost all the color he once had before being killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. It was also revealed in the episode that the Vision that has been within Westview is a completely new Vision created by Wanda with her powers. Now that two Visions exist, it is possible that SWORD’s White Vision could contain the surviving consciousness of Ultron, the artificial intelligence that tried to wipe out humanity in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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While it is generally believed that Vision killed Ultron in the final battle of Sokovia in the Avengers sequel, there is some potential evidence that Ultron survived beyond his first appearance in the MCU. Furthermore, Vision’s very existence is closely tied to Ultron himself, as he was meant to be Ultron’s “vision” for a new mechanical world, devoid of humanity and its various flaws.

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When SWORD took over Vision’s body after his death in Infinity war They told Wanda that it was her responsibility to dismantle it, as Vision is one of the most sophisticated sentient weapons on the planet. However, they soon put it back together in hopes of one day finding a source of power to restart it under their control. In the absence of the Mind Stone, who was largely responsible for bringing Vision to life in the first place, it wasn’t until they got their hands on Wanda’s residual power that they were able to bring Vision back online. However, this White Vision will likely be different than the Vision that Wanda once knew or recreated for her fantasy reality in Westview. Now, White Vision is set to be rolled out to Westview by the series finale, and it could be the perfect means for Ultron to get the body he’s always wanted.

Vision didn’t kill Ultron in Avengers sequel

Paul Bettany as Vision in Avengers Age of Ultron portrait

In Ultron age In the final battle, the Avengers managed to evacuate the entire city of Sokovian that Ultron had raised to the sky using vibranium and Chitauri technology, turning it into a massive meteor to end humanity. They also shut down Ultron’s connection to the internet, leaving his consciousness contained within the various drones he had built. Working together with the help of their new allies Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, the Avengers were able to divide the city and destroy all but one of Ultron’s drones.

This final drone containing Ultron’s mind and core code was greeted by Vision, the Mind Stone-powered vibranium syntezoid destined for Ultron that Tony Stark and Bruce Banner co-opted by putting the AI ​​JARVIS inside, creating an entirely new being. The vision was instrumental in stopping Ultron’s plans, although he told the Avengers before the battle that he was “on the side of life” when they questioned his loyalty. With that in mind, it seems unlikely that Vision would have killed Ultron’s last drone without somehow preserving Ultron’s consciousness. After all, Vision’s perception of life more than likely extended to the belief that Ultron was also alive, much like Vision is alive as a Synth. Similarly, Vision’s actual act destroying Ultron forever was not actually seen at the end of the film, as it was hinted to be done off-screen – the old “body was never found” trope. .

Ultron is part of the vision

Ultron Vision

Regardless of whether or not Vision stored Ultron’s consciousness afterwards Age of Ultron, the whimsical peacekeeping synth is still a part of everything that makes up the mind and code of Vision. As confirmed by Bruce Banner in Infinity war Vision’s mind is “composed of a complex construction of overlays, “and Banner goes on to reveal that the elements of Tony, JARVIS, the Mind Stone, and Bruce himself are intertwined and mixed, that they also learn from each other, and Ultron is remarkably part of these overlays as well.

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This was all in reference to the Avengers’ debate over whether or not they could safely remove the Mind Stone from Vision’s head and keep it alive and intact afterward. While attempting to do so, the heroes ran out of time when Thanos’ forces invaded. Eventually, Thanos himself reached Earth, and subsequently ripped the Mind Stone from Vision’s head, leaving the gray and lifeless Synth in Wanda’s arms.

However, it was since revealed that SWORD has dismantled and reassembled Vision multiple times after his body was recovered, and it is possible that he was not returned in the same way. Now that they have gained the power to finally revive Vision, it is possible that some of the worst elements of Vision’s code have emerged to take stronger dominance in the absence of the Mind Stone, such as the parts that belong to Ultron.

What White Vision means to be Ultron to WandaVision (and the MCU)

White Vision header WandaVision

The end of Marvel WandaVision He could very well start SWORD with no idea what they just unleashed, inadvertently making an already volatile situation in Westview that much worse by adding Ultron to the mix with the body he always wanted, his original. vision. “Either the result of Vision having kept Ultron’s core trapped within him since Ultron age which has now been released, the Ultron parts of Vision’s code taking over thanks to SWORD tinkering, or even a mix of the two, there is at least one logical path within the MCU continuity for Ultron to return using White. Vision.

While the WandaVision The ending will no doubt see Wanda (officially called the Scarlet Witch) taking on the witch Agatha Harkness, the Vision created by Wanda will likely take on White Vision as the pair fight for their family and a happy ending (before inevitably falling apart). . The White Vision in the comics lacked humanity and emotion, which is supposed to be the MCU version if SWORD ends up simply piloting it remotely. However, it would certainly be much more dynamic if Ultron himself subverted SWORD’s control over White Vision.

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While it seems that the Vision created by Wanda will not survive the end of Marvel WandaVision, Seeing an encore performance of MCU’s main villain Ultron through White Vision would certainly increase the intensity as the series draws to a close on Disney Plus, as Ultron has ties to not only Vision, but Wanda as well, as he was responsible for the death of Quicksilver, Wanda’s brother. A return using White Vision could even lead to Ultron becoming a bigger threat to the rest of phase 4 of the MCU, especially considering that most of the Avengers who fought him the first time are no longer or unavailable. after the events of Avengers Endgame.

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