Marvel’s version of Wonder Woman shines on a new comic book cover

Power Princess, Marvel’s version of Wonder Woman, is ready to fight in a stunning new variant cover from acclaimed illustrator Artgerm!

Marvel’s version of Wonder Woman, Princess of power, is ready to take center stage during the next Heroes reborn event – and she shines in a striking new variant cover for Heroes Reborn # 1 from acclaimed illustrator Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.

There have been multiple versions of Power Princess over the years, but all versions were members of the Supreme Squad, a team designed to be a pastiche of the Justice League. The different versions of Power Princess all come from Utopia Isle, a Themyscira-like paradise located in the sea. The Squad has seen its profile grow in recent years, with ex-good Phil Coulson becoming its new controller, and in Heroes reborn, a new world is born, one without the Avengers, a world where Thor was never worthy enough to lift his hammer and Captain America was left frozen in ice. In this world, Doctor Doom has the powers of the Juggernaut and the Phoenix Force resides in Ravencroft Asylum. In the absence of the Avenger, the Supreme Squad has taken its place as the most important superhero team in the world.

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The event kicks off this May, and Marvel today revealed Artgerm’s variant cover art for Heroes reborn # 1, with a majestic Power Princess, ready to fight whatever gets in her way. Power Princess clearly invokes Wonder Woman on this impressive cover, and it’s another triumph for Artgerm, who has been the mastermind behind several amazing covers at Marvel recently, including one for King in Black: Return of the Valkryies.

While the information on Heroes reborn has been rare, all signs point to Agent Coulson somehow behind the new reality. In the normal Marvel Universe, he is the controller of the team and also struck a deal with Mephisto, Marvel’s version of the Devil, to bring him back to life. Is Mephisto also responsible for manipulating reality? Marvel has hinted at big plans for Mephisto this year. Heroes reborn factor in this? She also helped create the current incarnation of the Squad, including Power Princess – will she and the rest of them influence Mephisto’s endgame?

Princess of power and the rest of the Supreme Squad have been perennial favorites in the Marvel Universe, and now the team is set to star in perhaps their biggest story yet: Heroes reborn, and Artgerm’s jaw-dropping cover sets the stage for the epic adventure that follows. Written by Jason Aaron, with art by Ed McGuiness, the first issue will be in stores and on all digital comic platforms on May, 2021.

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