‘Mortal Kombat’ producer Todd Garner explains the film’s long development, including MCU influences

Mortal Kombat, the 2021 film based on the long-running video game franchise, spent nine years in development before being made. Especially in the era of “10 new Star Wars Shows every week! “That’s a long time for a blockbuster IP-based movie to go through the gestation period. At the risk of being rude: Why did it take them so long?

During a visit to the set that Collider attended in Australia, the producer Todd garner He explained, in some cases, while the scenes were being filmed literally behind him, how this movie originated, evolved, and became the final product over nine years. And if you are a real Mortal Kombat fan, you will know that his origins began with him Mortal Kombat: Legacy Live-action TV series, which started as a director’s low-budget web video series Kevin Tancharoen:

“Five years ago I got involved, they had been developing it for four years. And it was just at the time that Kevin Tancharoen [series released]. And then they got the idea that maybe they just went super dark and something like The Crow. Tancharoen’s things were super-contained; obviously the guy was doing it on a tight budget, and it was very dark and a little contained. So when I read the script, they gave me the movie to work with. [said]”This is not what we should do,” which was probably stupid. I said, ‘This is not what we should do, we should really try to open this.’ And they were kind enough to say, ‘Okay, if we’re going to do that, let’s do it.’ And then we brought [producer] James Wan and brought [writer] Greg Russo went on and said, ‘Okay, if you were really going to do this, and you weren’t just trying to do it like The Crow, you weren’t just trying to do it like Kevin did, where he says,’ Well, I just have this money, so I’m going to be in an apartment building with guys kicking shit at each other, ‘what would you do?’ So we started from the premise of ‘What would Marvel do?’ “.


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Obviously, when looking for compositions for a potential blockbuster sci-fi / fantasy / action movie, the Marvel Cinematic Universe assembled by Kevin Feige it’s a good place to start. But Garner and his team wanted to take a look at what makes the MCU work a little more thoroughly. “How did the Avengers meet?” Garner asked during pre-production. Here’s their analysis of the MCU universe’s DNA, and how they applied it to the Mortal Kombat movie, especially in its use of a new main character, Cole Young (Lewis tan):

“You started with a guy who is a hotspot, Iron Man, and you went into the Avengers. You didn’t start with the Avengers. So who would that guy be? [for us]? There were some ideas that were difficult because they were super specific; if you came with liu kang it would be strange [adjustment]. So we said, ‘Okay, maybe we’ll just start off neutral and get into the movie, and then really set the canvas where we can meet all the characters that people love.’ You will never get everyone’s favorite character. I always like to tell people, ‘Who do you normally play?’ And I said, ‘Okay, okay! That movie is not this! But we try to really include the right characters and we try to be smart about [whether] We only included characters to have them in the movie so we could appease people, or if they really belong in the movie. So that became the process of elimination. ”

This is a crafty explanation of, to borrow a colleague’s language, how the MCU was made. And it will be interesting to see how that universe’s PG-13 rated world is applied to an R-rated world where the trailer features a man breaking someone’s skin so hard that blood flies out, and then freezes. the blood in between. air, and then they stab the guy with his own blood. Star lord would never.

Mortal Kombat hits theaters and at HBO Max on April 16, 2021.

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