Naruto: Konoha 11’s Worst Flaws (and How They Overcame Them)

The Konoha 11 were the genin introduced to the Naruto series prominently at the beginning of the Chunin exams. Since then, they have had varying degrees of development, although each character has overcome their main flaw in one respect or another.

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It was despite the fact that Shippuden was known for leaving many of the original cast members undeveloped in order to better focus on Naruto and Sasuke. By looking at their weaknesses and how they overcame them, we can better appreciate the subtle but important ways that the supporting characters have grown up.

eleven Kiba got over his insecurity about becoming a Hokage because of Naruto’s actions.

Kiba showing his determination during a mission

When it comes to matters related to the Hokage’s aspirations, one might think of Naruto, Sasuke, or possibly even Obito. However, it was also Kiba’s target, seen through his dreams while inside the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Although he would not completely abandon his aspirations to become the next leader of the Blade, Naruto’s actions had proven time and again (partially by saving his life) that he was worthy of the office. This allowed him to overcome his insecurity and accept the last leader of Konoha with open arms.

10 Shino overcame his seclusion by realizing what isolation was like

After the conclusion of the Fourth Shinobi War, Shino was lost in a mystical forest that was destined to confuse and vex its victims. He took advantage of her insecurity, especially through her (often unspoken) feelings of estrangement from her other Konoha colleagues.

The forest beekeeper tried to exacerbate this effect, using their similar affinities for insects to justify why Shino should stay. However, the ninja would realize how empty his existence had become without his friends and quickly found his way out of the elusive labyrinth in which he had been trapped.

9 Hinata found her courage thanks to Naruto

Hinata protecting Naruto

Hinata fought with willpower and courage at the beginning of the series. Her shy nature earned her father’s displeasure and Neji’s contempt for how unworthy she was to become the successor to the clan.

However, Naruto’s example turned out to be an inspiration to the young woman, and she would demonstrate her bravery and loyalty to him during Pain’s assault on the village. Using an improved version of his gentle punching technique, he faced the Akatsuki member and held his ground long enough for Jinchuriki to recover.

8 Naruto taught Neji that nothing is set in stone

Chunin Exams

Many suspected that the battle between Naruto and Neji in the Chunin exams was eerily one-sided. The Hyuga’s servant told his opponent that he was going to win due to his superior “destiny” and the Jinchuriki’s lack of it.

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However, the outcome of their duel was something else entirely. After Naruto publicly humiliated his opponent, he told him that he was going to change the Hyuga clan’s path and that his adversary should take his fate into his own hands. This would be a philosophy that Neji would remember for the rest of his life.

7 Asuma tempered Choji’s kindness with conviction

Choji’s kind and caring nature may have made him a friendly person to get along with, but he was also a vulnerability in battle. During the Fourth Shinobi War, Asuma was resurrected through the Edo Tensei and was forced to confront his former student.

Even though Team 10 surpassed their master, the sprawling ninja struggled to muster the conviction to harm him. It was only with the jonin’s permission, and the explicit knowledge that his friends would be harmed if he did not, that he succeeded in taking Sarutobi down and sealing him again.

6 Asuma’s death motivated Shikamaru

Shikamaru lacked motivation before Asuma’s death to such a debilitating degree that he even missed the Chunin exams as it was becoming too much effort. Although it may have been played for a laugh at the beginning of the series, it also became a serious problem.

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Asuma’s death would motivate him to become the best shinobi he could ever be, starting with avenging his disappearance. He located Hidan and lured him into a trap, becoming the only chunin to defeat an Akatsuki member by himself.

5 Rock Lee became a splendid shinobi despite his difficult start

Rock Lee once struggled with his inability to use genjutsu or ninjutsu. Although his taijutsu was unmatched, it didn’t seem like it was enough against his enemies through his fateful battle against Gaara in the Chunin exams.

However, he would deal with even greater threats from then on as he fought against Kimimaro, Kisame and was even one of the few shinobi who directly helped against Madara Uchiha’s malevolent power. This placed him far above many of his fellow jutsu players and defined him as a splendid ninja.

4 Ino passed from Sasuke

At the beginning of the series, Ino’s obsession with Sasuke put her at odds with Sakura. They both had lusted after the fearless Uchiha since childhood, willing to destroy their own friendship for a chance to win his heart.

However, Sasuke’s criminal and destructive actions alienated Ino from him. Unfortunately, Sakura would not feel similarly, and her quest to win back her lover almost resulted in her brutal and heartbreaking death. This evidenced the good judgment that Ino practiced when she decided to seek a healthier relationship with Sai.

3 Tenten proved she was not useless during The Infinite Tsukuyomi

Tenten was often haunted by feelings of inadequacy over the little she had accomplished throughout the series. His jutsu was geared around ninja tools, weapons that were notoriously inefficient compared to their elemental counterparts.

However, there was one instance where Tenten’s usefulness drastically eclipsed that of her peers. He was able to look past Madara’s Infinite Tsukuyomi and was one of the few characters who “woke up” while still within his pernicious embrace. She displayed a hidden talent that would make her an exponential asset against genjutsu users.

two Sakura mastered the medical jutsu and proved to be part of Team 7

Sakura, Naruto

Like Tenten, Sakura initially struggled with feelings of inadequacy. She said the same thing throughout the Land of Waves arc and desperately tried to correct this during the Forest of Death, where she held her ground against Team Dosu (until she was saved by Rock Lee and then Sasuke).

In Shippuden, his skills would come to his own under Tsunade’s tutelage. His medical jutsu not only allowed him to save lives (including those of Naruto, Kankuro, and hundreds of ninjas from the Allied Shinobi Forces), but his strength also allowed him to fight Kaguya without Hagoromo’s blessing.

1 Naruto achieved his dream despite the persecution

Since the beginning of the series, Naruto has dreamed of becoming the Hokage. These ambitions were frequently met with derision and animosity, as his reputation as a scoundrel made him an unlikely choice (and especially due to Kurama’s precarious influence).

Despite the unfortunate reputation he amassed, Naruto proved his worth time and time again. This was demonstrated through his victory over Gaara, his triumph over Pain, and most importantly, his successful attempt to return Sasuke to Konoha, the last of which was decisively his most impressive accolade yet.

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