No Man’s Sky: How To Use The Egg Sequencer (And What It Is For)

In the most recent No Man’s Sky update, players can breed and customize the creatures they find throughout the galaxy using the Egg Sequencer.

Although the procedurally generated space exploration game Nobody’s heaven It came out in 2016, it’s still getting free updates now in 2021. Its most recent update is called the Companions update. Expand the roles of creatures that players encounter as they traverse the cosmos. While players could feed the creatures before, they can now tame, train, breed, and talk to the creatures they encounter.

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If players feed a creature, they receive a message allowing them to register it on their buddy list. Initially, players can only have two companions, but can be upgraded to six. After spending time with your favorite creature, feeding it, playing with it, etc., you can lay eggs. There are certain conditions, such as that the creature must be adult and must be in its native climate. It also takes about a day before the creature can lay an egg, and there are a limited number of times it can. Once the player has an egg, a lot can be done with it through the Egg Sequencer.

Using the Egg Sequencer in No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky Egg Sequencer

The Egg Sequencer is a device that allows players to edit an egg’s statistics. They can do things like change the colors of creatures, make them more useful or more aggressive, or make them completely random.

The Egg Sequencer is housed within Anomaly, which serves as a multiplayer hub and can be invoked on any system. Inside are all kinds of NPCs, and now, the Egg Sequencer is there too.

Players will put the egg they want to edit into the egg sequencer. From the egg sequencer screen, they have four things that they can edit. This includes weight / height, anatomy, color, and personality.

Players can place materials in the Egg Sequencer’s slots, causing the embryo’s state to change. For example, let’s say the player puts sodium in the growth hormone slot. It can make you increase the weight / height. Putting other material may cause it to shrink or become unstable, indicating a random result. Overdose on some of the slots is also possible. This means that it will increase the randomness factor by a large margin.

If an egg has been edited by the Egg Sequencer, it will say in its description that the genetic material of the egg has been re-sequenced. The offspring may have diverged significantly from their father. “

This means that the resulting child can look and behave drastically different from his father, leading to some incredibly fun and interesting combinations. If the new creature isn’t exactly what the player wants, maybe your kid will be closer to spec? Exploration has always been an important component of Nobody’s heavenBut now players can indulge their inner mad scientist.

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Nobody’s heaven is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Playstation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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