Not Rocket Appliances: 10 Fun Behind-The-Scenes Facts From Trailer Park Kids Most Fans Didn’t Know

Trailer Park Boys is a small program that, thanks to miraculous luck, became an internationally successful comedy series. None of the team members could have predicted how beloved their low-budget mockumentary would become, and how quotable and hilarious the characters and dialogue would be. He firmly established eastern Canada as an area worthy of great comedy and made small actors stars.

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Several hardcore fans would be hard-pressed to know how many interesting facts surround the show, from the very beginnings of very small series to the minor, long-term characters that grace the roads of Sunnyvale.

10 Jonathan Torrens hosted his own talk show

Torrens, who plays one of the funniest and fan-favorite characters, J-Roc, was well known to several Canadians prior to his role in TPB. He co-hosted an informational program for teens about media and consumerism called Street pennies, and in the last half of the nineties, organized his own program called Jonovision. It was a talk show aimed at a teenage audience, containing celebrity interviews and featuring ordinary people. There were also skits and musical performances, including the pop-punk band Sum 41, who performed in “Jonopalooza.”

9 Ray was a producer on the show

Ray was the father of Ricky, a wheelchair user who misled the government by claiming disability when he could walk perfectly well. He had key moments in several early seasons of TPB and it was an important component of the show. The actor who played Ray, Barrie Dunn, was also one of the show’s main producers, making a lot of the big calls. Some of his decisions would end up making Michael Jackson, who played Trevor, Unfortunately he leaves the program due to wage and labor disputes.

8 “The Cart Boy” was the origin of TPB

Before the series’ premiere in 2001, there was a 1999 black and white film directed by series creator Mike Clattenburg of the same name that was the starting point for the characters. But before that, in 1995 came A short film called The boy in the car, directed by Clattenburg and starring the three main stars of the series.

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It featured several defining elements that would continue to feature heavily in the series, such as the theft of shopping carts, cats, drinking in public, and endless swearing. Robb Wells also plays a character named Ricky with the same gestures, but with a different occupation.

7 Robb Wells and John Paul Tremblay were co-owners of a pizzeria

Before TPB became a full-time series, Wells and Tremblay, who went to high school together, co-owner of a pizzeria together named JR Capones. Fans of the series can definitely see this as one of Julian’s legendary get-rich-quick schemes where they could trade drugs and make tons of money using pizza as a front, but in real life, it was a normal pizzeria. It’s easy to see why they left the food industry for acting by seeing how famous they have become with it.

6 Series movies in real trailer parks

During the first seasons of the show, TPB filmed in various trailer parks around Nova Scotia. They rented royal trailers and filmed scenes on royal highways and in neighborhood yards, while they had the permits to do so. Fans can only imagine the madness the actual residents witnessed during those moments. Eventually, the series was successful enough to build a fake trailer park for filming, but it would go back to using real trailer parks when the series switched to Netflix. The genuine feel of the show’s backdrop definitely helps make the show feel a lot more believable.

5 John Dunsworth doesn’t really drink

Jim Lahey was played by the amazing John Dunsworth. Sadly passed away at the end of 2017, but he will always be remembered for his incredibly hilarious portrayal as the former cop, trailer park supervisor who was always trying to break up the antics of Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles. What fans may be surprised to learn about Dunsworth is that he does not drink. The physical comedy and slurred speech involved in portraying an intoxicated, realistic performance requires a high level of skill, and Dunsworth pulled it off like no one else could.

4 Mike Clattenburg owned The Sh * tmobile

The infamous Sh * tmobile, a vehicle that Ricky owned, and lived in, for much of the series, became a staple of TPB. The sight of the badly damaged car flying down the road, with smoke billowing out of the hood (and inside the car) was an iconic part of what made the show so much fun. Car originally belonged to Mike Clattenburg and was donated to the program after she could no longer bear to see him in her driveway.

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Seeing all the changes made to the series and how they maintain their drivability is one of the funniest aspects of the show.

3 Sunnyvale does not exist

Fans may assume that since the show references actual Nova Scotia cities and towns that Sunnyvale is based on an actual trailer park or suburb, but that’s not the case. Sunnyvale is a completely fictional place, made up of several real-world RV parks. Throughout the show, you can see that the police cars have Sunnyvale on one side, but there is no such place. It helps make the show feel real and at the same time keeps it purely fictional so as not to attract crowds of tourists to a real neighborhood.

two Cory Bowles is an established director

Bowles, who plays poor Cory who’s always stuck doing his dirty work and taking the blame, is one of the TPBmost underrated talents. A clumsy and awkward comedy expert (and always left hanging by the guys with his five), Bowles has been on the show since the beginning. A talented musician who was a part of various hip-hop groups, he has also directed several episodes of the series and even directed a feature film titled Black cop, a dramatic representation of a police officer who witnesses racial injustice throughout society.

1 Julian always drinks because Tremblay needed help with his hands

Without a doubt, the defining aspect of Julian is his constant grip on a mixed drink in hand at all times. There are a few select moments when the glass is put down, but they are so rare that they are difficult to locate. He even holds it upright after a car accident that causes the car to turn upside down. The origin of its importance, although it came from a tip from director Mike Clattenburg, who instructed John Paul Tremblay to hold the drink in his hand so he could focus on his lines and not what to do with his hands. The advice was upheld, and the drink has remained firmly in Julian’s hand ever since.

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