Pan’s Labyrinth: 10 Movie Monsters Inspired By The Pale Man

Director Guillermo Del Toro’s 2006 dark fantasy The Pan’s Labyrinth has inspired dozens of films and media after its release. From the effort put into the design of the different worlds to the creation of its various creatures that include fairies and deities, the film has since become a hallmark of Del Toro’s film and visual design career.

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Following its success, many of the creatures themselves have become iconic. And one of the most terrifying antagonists in the film is none other than The Pale Man. The Pale Man is briefly shown when the young protagonist breaks the rules and eats from his table, causing him to roll his eyes into the palms of women. hands to see and run after it to eat it. It is an entity known for being a child killer who likes to collect the shoes of its victims and is one of the only reasons The Pan’s Labyrinth it is also considered part of horror.

10 Dark fairies, The Hallow

Dark fairies from The Hallow

The hollowThe main antagonists have magical abilities, namely being able to stretch and distort themselves. Its origins lie in human sources taken by a powerful and destructive fungus (much like the cordyceps of The last of us) although they seem to maintain some humanity.

Its main objective is to spread the virus. Like Pale Man, they are incredibly humanoid with conscious intentions and intelligence and can mutate their bodies.

9 Moder, the ritual

Moder by The Ritual

Moder is an evil entity and the main enemy of The ritual. Moder, Loki’s bastard son, follows his own set of rules as he stalks people who are emotionally vulnerable and tries to get them to worship him in exchange for eternal life.

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The catch is that eternal life is not as good as it seems. The monster has humanoid features on a giant moose-like body, which looks like a man’s torso hanging upside down like his head, with antlers for the torso legs. From its mouth come two strong and capable arms and hands.

8 Mannequin Monster, Silent Hill: Revelation

Silent Hill Revelations mannequin monster

One of several hateful monstrosities in the movie. Silent Hill Revelation, this creature seems to like to turn people, particularly young women, into mannequins, sexually assault them, and then collect their parts to add to his body.

Like the pale man, it can gather or add more pieces and target younger prey. Heather is forced to escape from the mannequin collector in a similar way to how the girl does in The Pan’s Labyrinth as well.

7 The Babadook

The Babadook

The haunting monster from the children’s storybook haunts a mother and her young son. An allegory of the mother’s depression, the Babadook shares similarities with the Pale Man in that it specifically targets children.

He is tall and pale with a broad smile, although his motivations are very different from the Pale Man in that his first intention is to scare and traumatize rather than kill.

6 Neomorph, Alien: Covenant

Neomorph from Alien Covenent

The iteration of alien species in Alien: Covenant Moving farther from its original design, the neomorph is a pale figure that distorts the body and lacks facial features, just like the pale man. He is one of the most humanoid aliens in the series and is close to being tamed until he is taken down immediately after killing and eating someone.

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He’s tall, has a human-like bone structure with clavicles and all, and he can recognize speech (or rather, his inclinations). Basically, he looks like a younger version of the Pale Man.

5 witch

Blair Witch 2016

At last it was the most famous invisible horror revealed in witch 2016. While the decision to briefly show the entity in the found image franchise due to remaining psychological impact on behalf of its ambiguity, the witch’s design is nonetheless daunting. Tall and naked, he appears to have dry skin hanging down, like Pale Man or even Leatherface.

4 The Pale Lady, scary stories to tell in the dark

The Pale Lady from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Another design provided by the film’s producer, Guillermo Del Toro, Pale Lady was created in dedication to the original design for the anthology book series. Built practically with some SFX on top, Pale Lady is arguably the most unsettling, terrifying, and unyielding villain in the series.

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He has absolutely no problem cornering his victims in a pocket reality (much like Pale Man’s lair). It can appear in all exits to prevent the victim from escaping to absorb them into his body. Her ability to teleport and clone herself makes her virtually impossible to defeat, at least within the film’s canon.

3 The Jangly Man, scary stories to tell in the dark

The Jangly Man from Scary Stories to tell in the dark

Other Scary stories to tell in the dark Former student, the Jangly Man looks a lot like the Pale Man in appearance. They have the same directives and go after the characters in hopes of “taking them away” (well, in the case of Pale Man, he really likes killing little kids ). The Jangly Man’s movements are broken and humanoid, reminiscent of the same harsh, pale terror.

two Mother


Being wonderfully dark and brooding from overprotective rage, Mama can be curiously referenced as an immediate antithesis to the Pale Man.

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Also influenced by Del Toro’s design and production, Mama, unlike Pale Man, will specifically kill to protect and keep children to herself, even going as far as tormenting and murdering adults. His figure and movement are also remarkably similar in some respects to the Pale Man.

1 Birch


Probably one of the lesser known terrors due to his infamy in the viral escape rather than in the movie, the Birch is an entity similar to Mama and closer in appearance and intelligence to the Pale Man. In fact, it seems a lot smarter. She is a kind of goddess and protector of children, although her appearance is terrifying as she seems to lack eyes.

It is tall and thin and appears to be made of wood. Although it wasn’t produced by Del Toro, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it had been. Its beautiful design is intimidating and it certainly is a monster one would not want to cross, making its appearance in the short one of the most famous horror images on the internet.

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