PlayStation Surprise announces six new games for PSVR

Sony once again highlighted the PlayStation VR Spotlight announcements, this time revealing six new VR titles coming to PSVR in 2021.

Sony is once again putting the spotlight on PlayStation VR by surprise by announcing six new titles launching for the device sometime this year. One of those games included the recent presentation of DOOM 3: VR Edition for PSVR, which will be released later this month on March 29.

The new game reveals come at an interesting time for the platform. In particular, the latest major PSVR releases were released last year: Marvel’s Iron Man VR, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, Y Star Wars: Squads. Each one is a licensed game, and only Marvel’s Iron Man VR It was built from the ground up with Sony headphones in mind. None of this means that the hardware manufacturer has abandoned its virtual reality companies, far from it, in fact. Rather, the company’s actions denote its commitment to duplicating the technology, as evidenced by recent news that a next-gen PlayStation VR headset is well advanced in development.

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In a PlayStation VR Spotlight post for the PlayStation BlogSony unveiled six new PSVR titles coming to the device this year. As mentioned above, the upcoming March 29th release for DOOM 3: VR Edition counts as one of those surprise announcements. Arizona sun Developer Vertigo Games revealed After the fall, a cooperative first-person shooter game that will put players in the role of “Slightly overpowered 80s action hero. “Apart from a”Coming soon“Notice, release details are scant. However, fans can sign up for the team After the fall newsletter for a chance to participate in an upcoming multiplayer beta. Spy game inspired by James Bond I hope you die returns to PSVR later this year with Hope You Die 2: The Spy and the Liar. Once again, fans can look forward to diving deep into IEYTD’s world of espionage, which will be completed with a series of new twists and turns.

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Developer Ramen VR’s New Project Is Inspired By JRPG Zenith, an MMORPG created for virtual reality. In this vibrant open world, players can expect to scale everything, as well as dive into a deep combat system. Fractured launches on PSVR this summer; Developer nDreams intends to push gamers into a fast-paced action adventure with run-and-cover shootouts, skiing, climbing, and free running. Finally, survival game Song in the smoke counts as the sixth title to come out of Sony’s PSVR Spotlight. In Song in the smoke, players will have no choice but to scavenge and hunt to survive the beautiful but deadly landscape that surrounds them.

This year could be quite important for PSVR. In a degree, Hitman 3 It started with PSVR support, although the six newly announced titles seem to really give device owners another reason to plug it back in.

Sony released PlayStation VR in October 2016, and since then it has made a huge impact on the market as the best-selling VR unit. By January 2020, the device had moved an impressive five million units, according to information from the hardware manufacturer.

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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