Pokémon Anatomy: 5 Facts About Arceus’s Body You Should Know Before Legends

As the creator of the Pokémon universe, Arceus has always had an air of mystery behind him, especially when it comes to his anatomy.

One of the most mysterious parts of the Pokemon universe is the master of the Sinnoh region creation trio, Arceus. He is said to be the creator of the Pokemon universe (and effectively considered a god), Arceus was introduced in Generation IV and has only been officially available through special events. Over the years, not much has been revealed about this mysterious Pokémon, although that may be about to change.

Between the long awaited Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Pokémon Y Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the franchise finally returns to Sinnoh. With this latest game specifically including Arceus in its title, it looks like we’ll finally learn more about Alpha Pokémon. Still, there are already some interesting facts to discover about Arceus and his role in the series’ history. Here are five facts about Arceus’ unique anatomy.

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Arceus has 1000 arms

Arceus’ Diamond pokemon The Pokédex entry mentioned that he shaped the world using his 1,000 arms. This seems like an incredibly important part of Arceus anatomy that would show itself in some way. However, Arceus has never been seen with arms, not counting its four legs. There is a scene in the movie Arceus and the jewel of life which shows Arceus with various mirror-like objects floating around him, which some fans have taken to be the “arms” mentioned in the Pokédex. However, these are plates, powerful items associated with Arceus.

This description is probably more metaphorical than literal, and instead means that Arceus crafted the universe as if it had 1,000 arms. The arms could also be a reference to the different forms of Arceus that each type of Pokémon represents. Returning to the religious images of Arceus, this may also be establishing a connection between the biblically accurate versions of the Judeo-Christian angels, who were sometimes described as people with extra limbs.

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Arceus was born from an egg

This is possibly one of the strangest facts about Arceus, as it is quite strange to imagine a god emerging from an egg. Even when looking at the religions and mythologies that depict the birth of the gods, they often mention that the god came into being in some supernatural way. With Pearl PokémonThe Pokédex entry that theorizes that Arceus existed before the universe, that means that the first thing that existed in the world of Pokemon it was an egg.

Like the 1,000 arms of Arceus, this might be more symbolic than literal. Perhaps Arceus hatching from an egg is meant to show his connection to all other Pokémon. This could also be related to the fact that no one Really knows where the Pokémon eggs come from, which implies that some kind of divine intervention or supernatural force is responsible for them.

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Has control over time, space, and antimatter

Sinnoh’s Creation Trio is the name given by fans to Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, as each of these Pokémon is said to have been responsible for controlling some aspect of life. Dialga has control over time, Palkia controls space, and (the often forgotten) Giratina has control over antimatter. Since these three were created by Arceus, it means that the Alpha Pokémon has some ability to control these forces.

Arceus has also been seen doing that in the Pokemon manga and anime. It has been shown to stop time, change gravity, and even create new objects out of thin air. There is evidence of these powers in games as well, as Arecus can learn moves like Gravity, Cosmic Power, Future Sight, and Recover. These three forces are not the limits of Arceus’ power, but they are notable because time, space, and matter are important themes in Generation IV.

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Arceus can be of any type


Perhaps one of the best known facts about Arceus’s body, it is also one of the most useful. When given a plate or Z-Crystal of a particular item, the Arceus shape will change to that of that particular type. This means that Arceus can be any type he needs, although he does require an item to use this power.

Arceus’ signature ability is Multitype. While Arceus requires a held item to use his ability in games, it is shown in the anime that he can freely switch between types. One possible explanation for this difference is that the Z plates and crystals allow the trainer to communicate what type he wants Arceus to transform into.

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The original Arceus design was VERY different

The original Arceus design, known for the Pokemon community like Beta Arceus, it is believed to have been a placeholder sprite in the beta version of Generation IV games. This design bears some similarities to what Arceus fans are familiar with today in terms of its overall shape, although it is difficult to see the same divine and foreboding entity that the final sprite conveys. Instead, Beta Arceus seems much more otherworldly and ethereal.

The lack of detail and the bright red eyes have led many fans to interpret Beta Arceus more as a cloud of energy or a hazy shape that cannot really be understood by human eyes. Fans have come up with some really scary redesigns of the Beta Arceus sprite, although the original looks pretty ridiculous. Even if Beta Arceus was just a placeholder sprite, it’s still fascinating to see what the creator of the Sinnoh region might have been like.

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