Pokémon can finally use the Epic Cut Arceus event

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl should include the mysterious Azure Flute and Battle Arceus cut from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

Shiny Diamond Pokémon Y Pearl I would be redoing Diamond pokemon Y Pearl, giving them the opportunity to restore amazing content that was removed from the original games. Diamond pokemon Y Pearl they were originally intended to include a battle against Arceus, but it was never made accessible.

At Pokemon series, the difference between Legendary Pokémon and Mythical Pokémon is how they are acquired. Legendary Pokémon can be acquired during the course of the game, such as the Legendary Birds of Kanto or Mewtwo. Mythical Pokémon are acquired with the help of outside assistance, such as the need to travel to real-life events to exchange them for a Mew. It has become much easier to acquire Mythical Pokémon over the years, as The Pokémon Company will distribute them as part of online events, such as Zarude locked behind special codes sent by stores.

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Diamond pokemon Y Pearl introduced Arceus, the Pokémon god, to the series. There is a secret event involving Arceus in Diamond pokemon Y Pearl it cannot be accessed through regular means. The developers of Shiny Diamond Pokémon Y Shiny pearl get a chance to include the hidden battle with Arceus in the Hall of Origin. Arceus might be the mascot of his own game, but the developers of Diamond pokemon Y Pearl.

Climbing the ladder to heaven

The god of all pokemon arceus

According to The cutting room floor, there is a hidden event element in the files of Diamond pokemon Y Pearl. This article is called Azure Flute and it was intended to be distributed by The Pokémon Company, but it was never released. It is possible to hack the item in the player’s inventory using a cheat device, such as a GameShark. If the player travels to the Pillar of the Lance with the Azure Flute, then he will play a haunting melody and conjure a set of stairs. A battle with a level 80 Arceus awaits at the top of the stairs, along with a chance to catch it. A video of the entire sequence can be seen on SatoMew Youtube channel.

The question why Azure Flute was never distributed was posed by Nintendo World Report during an interview with Diamond pokemon Y Pearl director Junichi Masuda. According to Masuda, the reason Azure Flute was never released was because he thought it would be confusing for the player. This doesn’t make much sense, considering that the player only has to carry the flute to the Pillar of the Lance. It has been speculated that the event was cut due to its religious symbolism, as the player has to climb a ladder to a place that looks like the sky and fight a Pokémon that is strongly hinted as a god.

Fans will have a chance to return to the Sinnoh region this year as Shiny Diamond Pokémon Y Shiny pearl are the next versions of Generation IV games. The developers of Shiny Diamond Pokémon Y Shiny pearl have the opportunity to include this event in all its glory, even if it means to tone down its operation or its allusions to religion. Even if it cannot be accessed in Shiny Diamond Pokémon Y Shining pearl, then it should at least show up in Pokémon Legends: Arceus as the final battle of the game.

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Shiny Diamond Pokémon Y Shiny pearl It will be available for Nintendo Switch in late 2021.

Source: The cutting room floor, SatoMew / YouTube, Nintendo World Report

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