Pokémon GO is getting more realistic than ever in the Microsoft HoloLens demo

Niantic and Microsoft have teamed up to develop Pokémon GO in virtual reality for the HoloLens, making the dreams of gamers around the world finally come true.

The hit mobile game AR, Pokemon go, is becoming more realistic than ever thanks to the futuristic technology of Hololens in a new technological demonstration. In a demo at Microsoft Ignite 2021, Pokemon go appeared alongside other titles in the latest update on VR and mixed reality entertainment called Mesh.

Microsoft Mesh is a new form of collaboration in virtual reality technology, allowing Pliers to share virtual experiences across multiple devices. Similar to VRChat, Mesh allows users to choose a virtual avatar through the Microsoft-owned AltspaceVR social network. Finally, Microsoft intends for users to allow people to appear as themselves in virtual reality.

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As part of the Microsoft Ignite 2021 manifestation, Pokemon go appeared running in VR mode, a new direction for the original AR mobile app. Niantic developers have partnered with Microsoft to offer Pokemon in the 3D world with the power of HoloLens 2 and Mesh. In the demo video, the user can detect various Pokemon in the area around them and feed it berries. The Pikachu in the demo even follows the presenter as he moves around the area and appears to have idle animations as well. John Hanke, CEO and Founder of Niantic states:

“While this demo is not intended for consumer use, it does provide an early look at future developments in both software and hardware. We have only scratched the surface. We know that the years to come will be filled with milestones that will serve as benchmarks on AR’s journey to become a life-changing computing platform.. “

The demo ends there, but it seems Niantic and Microsoft have big plans for the technology. The menu and interface seem basic, but the possibilities are enormous. The future of the Pokemon The series could very well be a virtual reality experience, with Nintendo breaking away from the usual Pokemon game formula in the latest ad.

Have a room full of 3D animations Pokemon It is the dream of all children (and many adults). Niantic has already conquered the AR market with Pokemon goSo if anyone could do it, it would be them. Unfortunately, this technology is only in development, so fans will have to wait a little longer to fulfill their childhood dreams of being a true Pokemon coach.

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Pokemon go it is available on iOS and Android.

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