Pokémon: the 10 cutest normal types

The Normal type is unique in the Pokémon world. He has not only a weakness, the fight, but also an immunity, the ghost. However, he is not super effective against anything and is the least resisted type, so he is slightly situational.

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Normal types abound in the Pokémon world. They are usually found on the first few routes of most games and can be good companions from the start. They are also quite cute, especially in their early stages. In fact, Normal probably has the sweetest-looking Pokémon in the franchise, aside from the Grass-type. And while some lose their cuteness once they evolve, others remain as charming and adorable as ever.

10 Wooloo

One of the most recent additions to the franchise, Wooloo made his debut in Pokémon sword and shield. It plays an important role in games, functioning as the first Pokémon of the rival character, Hop. Wooloo’s thick white wool coat gives it the appearance of a large round sphere that can be hugged. In fact, Wooloos have an extremely fluffy body that can even help them survive high falls.

Wooloo fur is very popular in Galar, and is used for clothing, rugs, and products. He does not like conflicts and avoids them by distancing himself from them. Wooloos are often led by another equally cute Galarian Pokémon, Yamper.

9 Skitty

Introduced in Generation III, Skitty is a plump, pink feline Pokémon. It has slit-shaped eyes, tufted eyes, and a thin tail that ends in a more voluminous oval-shaped section that Skittys will often chase after, getting dizzy in the process. This adorable Pokémon is quite popular in the Hoenn region, although its trust can be hard to earn.

Skittys live in tree hollows, in tropical and temperate forests. They turn into Delcatty when exposed to a moonstone and used to have Assist as their signature move. In the anime, May used to have a particularly mischievous Skitty.

8 Full

Much like a bear cub, Stufful is a quadruped Pokémon with a pink head and body and brown legs. The white marking on its face looks like a headband and it has a small flap under the tail that resembles a stuffed animal tag. Stufful is tied with Mankey for the smallest Fighting-Type, although it is surprisingly strong. Its flail is said to be powerful enough to break even the thickest trees.

Its fluffy coat and overall cute appearance make it incredibly popular in Alola. However, Stufful does not like to be touched and will wave his arms if someone tries.

7 Audino

Known as the Auditory Pokémon, the Audinos are natural healers. The sensors in its ears act like stethoscopes, capable of listening to the heartbeat of other Pokémon and allowing them to know the feelings and physical condition of the Pokémon. These gentle creatures are said to have a kind heart, making them natural companions to the multiple Nurse Joys in Unova, who use them in place of Chancey.

Audino can mega evolve using Audinite. In its Mega form, it can release healing pulses that also reduce hostility, confirming its reputation as one of the sweetest Pokémon out there.

6 Chansey

The Egg Pokémon, Chansey is a pink creature shaped like a large egg. It has stubby arms and deep pink feet, tiny eyes, and three hair-like growths sticking out from each side of its head. Good-natured and calm, Chansey shares his eggs with injured people and Pokémon and even has a signature egg-related move, Soft-Boiled.

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The more love a Chansey receives, the more delicious its eggs are. These eggs are used as a delicacy in the Pokémon world and also have high nutritional values. Chansey is rare in nature and seeing one is considered good luck.

5 Minccino

Clearly based on a chinchilla, Mincicino is small, furry, gray and incredibly cute. It has large ears and a long tail, all three ending in a white tip. Pussycats are fond of order and use their tails to sweep their own dens. They also use it to greet each other and as a way to perform their previous signature move, Tail Slap.

Minccino evolves into Cinccino when exposed to a shiny stone. Cinccino fur is often used as a skin treatment in Unova, and it is also a natural repellent from dust and electricity.

4 Lillipup

Lillipup is a puppy and who the hell doesn’t love puppies? One of Unova’s most popular Pokémon due to how easy it is to train, Lillipup is also quite intelligent and can judge an opponent’s strength. It never screams, which also makes it the ideal companion for coaches living in tight quarters like apartments.

Lillipups can be spiteful. If their trainers treat them badly, they will remember and retaliate once they evolve Herdier at level 16, refusing to obey. However, if they are loved and cared for, they will become incredibly loyal and friendly to their coach.

3 Jigglypuff

One of the most recognized and popular Pokémon in the franchise, Jigglypuff has been around since the early days of Generation I. A pink spherical creature with large round blue eyes, Jigglypuff’s body is filled with air and can deflate completely flat. It can also float and float.

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Jigglypuff loves to sing and has a vocal range that exceeds 12 octaves. Perform a strange, soothing lullaby that puts people and Pokémon to sleep. Anime fans will remember a particularly grumpy Jigglypuff who would retaliate against people who fell asleep during his concerts by drawing their faces with a marker.

two Buneary

Introduced in Generation IV, Buneary can be found in the Eternal Forest during the early parts of Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Pokémon. It is a small, bipedal creature with fluffy ears that can snuggle. It has a thick layer of cream-colored fur that covers its lower body, feet, and ears, and soft, chocolate-colored fur that occupies the upper half of its body.

Buneary lives in forests, although some can also be found high on frozen mountains. He becomes Lopunny when leveled up with a high friendship level, which in turn can mega evolve using the Lopunnite.

1 Eevee

Eevee is such a well-known and fan-favorite Pokémon that it even became one of the game’s mascots for the third Kanto remakes. Come on Pikachu and come on Eevee. The truculent Pokémon par excellence, Eevee evolves eight different monsters according to the method.

Eevee’s design has a unique history. Motofumi Fujiwara, a key designer at Game Freak, revealed in 2018 that Eevee is inspired by a vague childhood memory of an unknown creature he found in the woods. As such, it is not exactly based on any animal and is instead meant to remind people of fluffy cats and dogs.

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