Pretty Little Liars: The Best (and Worst) Trait of Every Main Character

The brave characters from the all-time favorite show, pretty Little Liars, presented fans with a truly insane journey filled with mind-boggling and dangerous adventures. Each character was also seen to grow and change over the span of 7 seasons. However, it is still up for debate whether it was the best.

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When it comes to these murder mystery shows, viewers often divide the characters into two camps: heroes and villains. However, when it came to the Liars and their teenage friends, viewers saw these categories intertwine. No one in Rosewood was perfect. Even though fans support Liars and want to see them succeed, even they would agree that they too had their flaws.

9 Caleb

An image of Caleb in Pretty Little Liars

Hanna’s intellectual boyfriend, Caleb, used to be a selfless and caring person. Since falling in love with Hanna in previous seasons, Caleb revealed how much he cared about other people besides Hanna. He loaned Lucas money and forgave him when he gambled his $ 4,000, and Caleb also protected Emily from being shot by Nate.

Still, no one is perfect and many would argue that Caleb’s worst trait is his impulsiveness. Like Hanna, Caleb was also a bit impulsive in his actions. Although he acted differently than she did, Caleb broke up with Hanna a few times without really talking about the issues. Not forgetting how she quit a great job for Spencer (who she hadn’t even been dating at the time).

8 Toby

An image of Toby in Pretty Little Liars

Officer Toby started out as the reserved and misunderstood guy, and became a sure life saver. His best trait was his perseverance. Toby overcame his struggles as a teenager to join the police force; He kept pretending to be on the “A” team to protect Spencer, eventually moving on after Yvonne was killed. Perseverance requires a certain kind of strength.

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Toby’s worst trait was that he was easy prey at times, as some fans claim. Many Toby fans will shame this trait tag, but his reluctance was shown when he didn’t always defend himself against Ali’s harassment, and allowed his A-team double agent life to undermine his relationship with Spencer. He basically let “A” come between them.

7 Paige

An image of Paige in Pretty Little

Emily’s long-time girlfriend Paige was misunderstood at first, suspected of being “A”. Fortunately, the others got to know his best trait, which was his reliability. Paige not only kept secrets for Emily, she also kept them for the other girls. He was able to understand why it was so important for the Liars to confide in him the situation they were in.

Sadly, as all fans recall, Paige’s aggression was her worst trait that made its way onto everyone’s minds. When Paige aggressively submerged Emily’s head underwater, it was difficult for many to understand why and how they formed a sweet and loving relationship. Not to mention how her jealousy over Emily and Alison’s friendship brought out an argumentative side in her.

6 monkey

An image of Mona in Pretty Little Liars

Mona was a difficult equation to solve. He started game “A” and ended it due to his perseverance. Many may claim that her leadership or deep intelligence were striking traits of her, but her best trait was her persistence. Even after he tried to harm the Liars at the end of Season 2, he kept looking for different ways to form alliances with them and eventually work together with them against the other “A” stalkers.

Mona’s worst visible trait was her jealousy. Either because Hanna started spending time with other people or because she was not considered a liar, but it was her jealousy that fueled her hatred for Alison and others.

5 Hanna

pretty little liars hanna

Hanna had many sides to her, like her sassy and hilarious audacity. However, many fans will agree that her best trait would be her selfless nature (which she likely learned from her mother, Ashley, who did just about anything for her daughter). Hanna was willing to lie and hide almost every problem she had to save her loved ones from trouble.

On the other hand, the biggest problem fans had with Hanna was that she could also be very impulsive. She would jump into situations alone that ultimately affected the entire group of friends and not just her. It was quite frustrating watching her not think about the consequences until it was too late.

4 Spencer

An image of Spencer in Pretty Little Liars

The brilliant Spencer that all fans know had one obviously positive trait, which was her hard-working diligence. Academics aside, when Spencer set out on something, he worked on it with all his might. She would use her intuition and knowledge to crack a mysterious code that “A” would throw at the liars.

Despite her diligence, Spencer’s ambition could be a bit destructive at times, as she would put a lot of pressure on herself. Since Spencer liked to strive for perfection, viewers would sometimes see her irritable or angry when things didn’t go her way. This often meant that his friends and close ones got hurt from being caught in his crossfire.

3 Emily

An image of Emily in Pretty Little Liars

The athletic and humble fan favorite is normally associated with her strong empathic abilities, but her strong and underlying trait is her bravery. Some will disagree with this and will note your goodness as your strength. However, true Emily fans should remember the times when she would always be at the forefront of the group whenever they approached a dangerous situation. No one will ever forget how she defended herself against Maya’s stalking ex-boyfriend or how she protected the Liars from being killed by Noel.

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Unfortunately, Emily’s naivety was her worst trait. Her love for Alison proved how naive she could be, as Emily constantly defended Ali from those for whom she caused a lot of emotional pain. This was mostly shown in her relationship with Paige, and Emily was seen to be supportive of the young DiLaurentis despite the fact that she had relentlessly bullied Paige for years. Emily was willing to give the benefit of the doubt to others, which ended up blinding her from seeing the brutal truth.

two Aria

Aria’s best trait was her ambition. Whether it was her passion for her studies or her drive to improve her artistic skills, this little Liar was a true entrepreneur in everything she did. It was no surprise to see her working on publishing and eventually writing a book with Ezra in her future after high school.

However, the cool and artistic Aria was also short-tempered. He also had his fair share of rooms trashed, trashing his father’s office, Ali’s daycare, and Ezra’s apartment when he didn’t know how to control his feelings.

1 Alison

A picture of Alison in Pretty Little Liars

Alison had many facets, but her best trait was her durability. Although Ali became a huge web of lies, he had a natural method of getting through difficult times without losing control. He kept an expression of solid stone most of the time when faced with a threat. He knew he had to tackle it and he managed to make it look easy.

However, Ali’s negative trait was his dependence on others. Most fans will say that his worst trait is bullying or using others, but that’s actually related to how much he needs other people around him to control. She exacerbated the girls’ struggles by belittling them until there was nothing left of her self-esteem.

Having done that, he would use their weaknesses to their advantage and make them feel like they needed his approval. Even when she was older, Ali was shown to trust girls to feed her own desires.

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