Remorseless trailer: Michael B. Jordan becomes Tom Clancy’s dangerous hero

Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse trailer for the film starring Michael B. Jordan drops ahead of its April premiere on Amazon Prime.

Tom Clancy’s No regrets trailer, movie starring Michael B. Jordan, has been released. The film will hit Amazon Prime on April 30 after the streamer acquired the rights to the film from Paramount. No regrets is part of Jack Ryan universe, one of the most popular and well-known properties of the author Clancy. Amazon currently broadcasts the Jack Ryan Television series starring John Krasinski, with a third season currently in development.

No regrets will follow Jordan’s John Kelly, aka John Clark, one of Clancy’s most popular characters. The film will serve as an origin story for the iconic character as the United States Navy SEAL uncovers a vast international conspiracy after his pregnant wife is killed by Russian soldiers. Jamie Bell stars alongside Jordan as Robert Ritter, a shady CIA agent who helps John Clark along the way. Jodie Turner-Smith also plays a fellow Navy SEAL partner who gets caught up in John Clark’s quest for revenge. Colman Domingo, Luke Mitchell, Brett Gelman and Guy Pearce will also star.

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the No regrets The trailer begins with the inciting event, as John Kelly’s home is invaded by Russian soldiers and his wife is killed. Karen Greer of Turner-Smith cautions that they better hope John did not survive, because he is the most dangerous man they have ever had on the field. Once the scene is set, we get short clips of John Kelly’s quest for revenge, including him setting a car on fire before climbing into the backseat to ask an anonymous man for information on his wife’s killers. Check out the full clip below:

Jordan has already proven himself to be a true action star like Killmonger in Black Panther and his role in the found footage superhero movie Chronicle. No regrets He’s a different kind of action actor for the star with his grounded and political plot, but if the trailer is any indication, Jordan will be more than capable of handling the role. The actor has also shown himself capable of playing serious roles. Just mercy saw Jordan play civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson alongside Jamie Foxx and fellow MCU star Brie Larson.

No regrets will bring Jordan into a different kind of cinematic universe this time. The film has been in development hell since the mid-1990s and attempts to get it off the ground have proven difficult. Now that the movie is finally out, it leaves the door open to connect the role of Jordan with the Tom Clancy universe that Amazon seems to be building with its Krasinski. Jack Ryan Serie. While Paramount clearly missed an opportunity to put No regrets On its fledgling Paramount + streaming service, set to launch on March 4, the movie appears to be at home in Amazon’s library.

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  • No Regrets (2021)Release Date: April 30, 2021

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