RHONJ: Teresa Giudice closes the accusations of deception of Luis Ruelas

Real Housewives of New Jersey fans have accused Luis Ruelas of cheating, but Teresa Giudice has come out of the closet and closed the lewd allegations.

Fans are watching Teresa Giudice continue to spread rumors that Jackie Goldschneider’s husband allegedly cheated on her despite having no proof of the claims. In the meantime, The Real Housewives of New Jersey The star is not here for fans to accuse her boyfriend Luis Ruelas of being unfaithful. She recently slapped a follower who tried her own tricks on her.

Teresa is once again the villain of RHONJ after he kicked off season 11 by revealing unfounded rumors that Evan Goldschneider was “doing things in the gym“with other women. When asked where she got this information from, Teresa refused to tell Jackie her source. After Jackie responded with a”analogy” About Teresa’s daughter, Gia Giudice, allegedly doing drugs at parties, Teresa lost it and went crazy with Jackie in an epic showdown. While viewers have since called out Jackie for the tacky punch to Gia, many others are on her side in defeating Teresa. Recently, housewife OG has come under fire for her long history of “bad behavior” on the show.

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As a result, the Fabulicious author was recently the target of cheating rumors against her new boyfriend Luis. The couplWe went public with their romance last November, and the New Jersey businessman is already being accused of ditching the Bravo star. “I heard he’s flirting with girls at the gym.” A fan wrote below an Instagram photo that Teresa posted with Luis, captured by Reality announcement. But, he quickly closed the gloomy comment from the followers. “Good for him [too] It’s bad that he doesn’t go to the gym ”. answered the housewife. Her comments came after Jackie used Twitter to criticize her for being a “bad girl “ following his antics in episode two.

Teresa Giudice The Real Housewives of New Jersey

“Is it still cool to be a bad girl? Asking for a friend … “ Jackie tweeted. He followed up the sarcastic tweet with another accusing Teresa of acting tough behind his back but emotional and dramatic in front of his face. “When I’m not in the room: ‘I’m going to demolish it, I’m going to destroy it …’ When I’m in the room: * runs off cursing and whining ”. Jackie wrote. It’s clear that Jackie won’t give up without a fight, as her enmity with the show’s veteran continues to heat up.

Viewers recently showed their support for Gia, who they say is more “mature and sensible“than her mother. The comments came after the latest episode showed Gia telling her mother to apologize to Jackie for spreading rumors about her husband. However, Teresa refused to budge. Jackie did not attend the trip of the girl.But, another confrontation between the two housewives is on the horizon.

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Source: Reality announcement, Jackie Goldschneider

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