Riverdale: 10 things that went wrong for Archie once he started dating Veronica

In the first season of Riverdale, Archie Andrews’s world was turned upside down when Manhattan’s Veronica Lodge showed up at his favorite local restaurant one night. From the first moment Archie saw Veronica, it was clear that he was drawn to her beauty and intrigued by her mystery.

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While their fateful encounter that night at Pop’s was the beginning of many good things in Archie’s life, it also sent his life down a path full of struggle and heartache. Over the past five seasons, Archie has endured betrayals, battled unspeakable evils, and nearly lost his life multiple times.

10 His relationship with his best friend Betty

The first problem that Veronica and Archie’s union caused was a ripple in Archie and Betty’s friendship. Archie and Betty are neighbors and classmates who have been close friends since they were little. Betty had developed romantic feelings for Archie over the years and was even going to share them with Archie right before she met Veronica.

Once it became clear to her that Archie and Veronica were falling in love, Betty felt very hurt and had to distance herself from Archie to ease the blow. This was especially painful to watch considering how important Betty was to Archie.

9 His relationship with his best friend Jughead

The second relationship that Veronica’s arrival in Riverdale threatened to destroy was the friendship between Archie and Jughead. The duo’s parents had known each other for decades, and as a result, the boys had always been in each other’s lives. In a season 1 episode, Veronica asks Archie to help her search the FP trailer for evidence that he had killed Jason Blossom.

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Since Archie was interested in Veronica, he felt he needed to support her and do what she had asked of him. However, this posed a threat to her relationship with Jughead because she was living with him at the time and was potentially going to help put her father in prison.

8 He went to jail

Throughout the series, Archie is often praised as being pure of heart and selfless. For this reason, it was a huge shock to the people of Riverdale when he was convicted of murder. The time Archie spent in jail was extremely difficult for him and resulted in much suffering for both him and his family.

7 Got into the fight against crime

Once Archie began to really understand how much crime Riverdale plagued, he decided he wanted to take matters into his own hands. In season 2, Archie formed The Red Circle as a way to track down the black hood and keep Riverdale residents safe.

While this may seem like a positive thing in Archie’s life, it ended up causing a rift between Riverdale students and the Southside Serpents gang. It also resulted in Archie and his group following Hiram Lodge’s orders rather than working towards their original goal.

6 He started working for Hiram

When Veronica introduced Archie to his father, a chain of events unleashed that resulted in a lot of stress for Archie. From the moment Hiram Lodge took root in Riverdale, he began to work on his nefarious schedule. Unfortunately for Archie, he put too much time trying to impress Hiram and decided to start working for him.

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By getting closer to Hiram, Archie ended up turning on the bad side and as a result was sent to jail, had to flee his home, and was nearly killed by a bear.

5 He was attacked by a bear

In season 3, Archie Andrews was forced to hide in the woods after escaping from jail. While in the woods, Archie came across a grizzly bear and was attacked by the bear. This resulted in Archie bleeding heavily and hallucinating as he struggled to stay alive.

Fortunately, Archie was able to return to his cabin and bandage himself before bleeding to death. This moment in the series was the closest to Archie’s death and while it’s not his fault, it likely wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t gotten involved with Veronica.

4 Is abducted

Another of Archie’s lowest moments on the show was when he was kidnapped by one of Veronica’s old friends from New York City. On a mission to investigate a house he believes is associated with the Black Hood, Archie ends up being mugged and kidnapped.

It was later revealed that it was Nick St. Clair who kidnapped Archie to annoy Veronica and get her to pay him a million dollars in ransom. Fortunately, Archie broke free, but it was still a very traumatic event.

3 Almost did not graduate

Before meeting Veronica, Archie played soccer, worked with his father in his construction business, and pursued his dream of becoming a musician. Slowly, as their relationship deepened and more and more chaos began to ensue, Archie began to lose himself and what was important to him.

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Archie got so caught up in Veronica and the Lodge family drama that he barely graduated from high school. Due to time spent in jail, away from home, and the loss of his father, Archie missed so much of school that he would have had to repeat a grade to graduate. Fortunately, he was able to join the military and earn his diploma.

two Gets involved with drugs

When viewers first meet Archie Andrews, they portray him as this ideal teenager who never drinks and wouldn’t even consider trying drugs. However, all that changes when Veronica’s friend Nick St. Clair visits Riverdale. Nick invites Archie and his friends to a party at the Five Seasons Hotel.

At the party, he offers everyone “jingle jangle,” which is a new party drug from Riverdale. At first, Archie refuses, but later decides to try the drug once Veronica announces to the group that she will.

1 He started fighting with his dad

One of the sweetest relationships on the show is the one between Archie and his father Fred. Fred is a single dad and business owner who always does what he can to make ends meet and provide Archie with the best life possible.

Unfortunately, when Archie started dating Veronica and subsequently met his father, Archie began to feel like his life wasn’t good enough. Archie started misbehaving and even started looking at Hiram as a father figure. At one point, Archie even accepted a car from Hiram even though he knew his father wanted to buy him one.

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