Riverdale: Veronica’s 10 Bleakest Burns, Ranked

The characters of the CW Riverdale They are fabulous at comebacks, name calling, and any kind of throwing shadow. Yet no character’s wit has been as iconic as Veronica Lodge, who wears a cape. From the moment she arrives in the town of Riverdale, she makes it clear that no one is pushing her and she gets away with it. Whether she’s a teenage bully or an adult criminal, Veronica never backs down or admits to surrender.

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She stands her ground against dangerous gangsters and sadistic cultists alike, barely flicking her long eyelashes while others tremble in terror. Growing up with a father involved with the mob makes her immune to things that would intimidate most people.

10 “Do you know what happens to a snake when a Louis Vuitton heel steps on it? Shut up or you’ll find out.” (1.04)

Image of Kevin Veronica and Cheryl at the drive-in movie

It takes a lot of guts to scold a nosy movie buff in the dark of a movie theater. Even more so to tell a motorcycle gang to stop at a well-lit drive-in where there is no hiding in the crowd. Everyone in the audience may want the same result, but Veronica doesn’t wait for it to happen, she does it herself. It is unpleasant to think of the image of a snake skewered by a heel, even if it is a metaphor for the serpents of the south side.

9 “Chuck has muscles for days, but his conversation is not Oscar Wilde, not even Diablo Cody.” (1.03)

When it comes to dealing with arrogant football player Chuck Clayton, there’s not much Veronica wouldn’t say to bring him down. She is less than impressed with his ability to converse after their date, so comparing Chuck to playwright Oscar Wilde emphasizes how he falls short in the word writing department.

Saying no Diablo Cody takes him even further, as here he seems to be referring to the screenwriter’s most critical scripts, such as Jennifer’s body. A clever way of saying that Chuck won’t win any awards for his wit.

8 “Looks like you’re auditioning for a teen reboot of The Shining.” (2.01)

Riverdale Archie and Veronica hugging

Although Archie is not in the right frame of mind to appreciate Veronica’s dark sense of humor when it comes to her appearance, his point has yet to be made. He’s trying to walk his dog while his clothes are soaked in his father’s blood after the shooting at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, and the only thing standing between him and the horror of the neighborhood is Veronica’s impudence.

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Being covered in blood is certainly a Stephen King movie staple and imagining KJ Apa in a teenage Shining reboot provides fanfic writers with plenty of material.

7 “I’m sorry we don’t spend our time being tragic and depressed, and holding hands as we watch documentaries about serial killers.” (2.14)

This summary of Betty and Jughead’s relationship is hilarious on so many levels, even for the most devoted Bughead fans. Betty and Jughead also enjoy solving crimes together, so they’re more likely to snuggle together to watch crime documentaries. Also, Betty’s interest in journalism would make true crime more attractive to her than fiction.

Sitting pensively in dimly lit places is part of Jughead’s tortured writer vibe, as tragic and depressed as a perfect insult. After all, the couple have been found in a dark room, hunched over a screen, looking at old police reports many times rather than hanging out at the mall together as average teenagers.

6 “Nobody invited the fascist Barbie to the party.” (2.10)

Veronica and Jughead talking to Cheryl

Before I started dating Toni Topaz, it was no secret that Cheryl hated south side snakes and referred to them as “scum”. So when Veronica sets up a welcoming committee for the south side transfers, she is more than ready to fight anyone with a superiority complex, especially Cheryl, who constantly tries to impose her will on others in the school.

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From her perfectly composed outfit to her bright red lipstick, Cheryl embodies the opposite of everything that makes up the Serpents.

5 “Threatened a lot? You may be a regular character in a nineties teen movie, but I’m not.” (4.04)

One of the number one rules anywhere is never insulting someone’s mother, which is why Cheryl asks Veronica to quickly come back when she insults Hermione Lodge for becoming a waitress at Pop’s. Veronica not only defends her mother for making a respectable living, but also puts Cheryl in her place by pointing out the redhead’s insecurities about her unstable power in the city and demoting her to a stereotypical bad girl who is not a threat. real. He even puts a cherry on top for Cheryl’s sake with a witty reference to The Miserables. Eat your heart out, Miss Blossom.

4 “I know you’re trying to blow me up right now, but it won’t work. I’m going to get Archie out, one way or another. And then you’ll be the one to rot in the same prison that your blood money has built.” . (3.05)

The complicated father-daughter relationship between Hiram Lodge and his daughter Veronica is only made more complex by Archie’s role in it. Hiram is constantly toying with Archie and his life, making Veronica easily object to her father’s attempts to interfere.

This makes her say that Hiram won’t fool her further, as well as banishing him from trying his own medicine wishing he would end up locked in the same place that should stop his illegal activities.

3 “That right that you carry on your head like a crown, will not last. Eventually, there will be a reckoning. Or maybe that adjustment will be now. And maybe that adjustment will be me.” (1.01)

Betty, Veronica and Cheryl in Riverdale

On her first day at Riverdale High, Veronica confronts the queen bee with this infamous monologue, causing many fans to fall in love with her in the pilot episode. She shows Cheryl that the money she adores can be taken from her in an instant and how someone who stands up to her will lead her to ruin.

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Losing everything has made Veronica brave, and she shows the entire school exactly who she is and who Cheryl really is without hesitation.

two “I don’t work at Pop’s, Cheryl. I’m the owner. And from this moment on, you’re not welcome here anymore … You’re acting like trash and I don’t want to get a subpoena.” (3.02)

Veronica Lodge at Pop's Diner

The amount of power that Veronica wields in this short interaction earns her a place in the top three burns. Veronica can not only show her business woman status with the authority to kick Cheryl out of her establishment, but she can also say no to Cheryl’s demands without fear of consequences.

As the boss, Veronica can kick the teen bomb onto the sidewalk with trash instead of being an empty threat. Pop’s popularity as a hotspot for everyone at Riverdale High allows new owner Veronica to put Cheryl in her place.

1 “Did you want fire? I’m sorry, Cheryl Blossom. My specialty is ice.” (1.01)

Among many fans, this is considered one of the best burns in the history of Riverdale. While Cheryl established her signature color of red instantly with her hair and lipstick, Veronica let Cheryl know that fire doesn’t always win. The years Cheryl spent using aggressive methods of attack were erased the moment Veronica cooled the fire with a trademark icy comment.

Veronica’s ability to stay calm and collected while devastating the most powerful person in the school gave her the means to challenge the title and paved the way for all the days to come.

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