Scott Pilgrim vs. the world: 10 times the game is like the movie

Vocation Scott Pilgrim vs. the world an indie hit would be an understatement. It may not have done well in theaters, but it certainly developed a devoted fan base after that. Still, his independent pedigree started out as a graphic novel series, then became a classic movie and video game.

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Scott Pilgrim vs. the world: the game It was designed as a classic beat ’em up side scrolling released in 2010, but was later removed from the list in 2014. It recently returned digitally with a physical release on the way from Limited Run Games. It’s a great game that is a lot like a movie in some surprising and important ways.

10 Wallace Wells hardly cares

Wallace Wells fighting

Throughout the film, there are a lot of people giving Scott Pilgrim a hard time and for good reason. His own sister is generally tired of his nonsense and is constantly trying to make him a better person. The only friend with his back always is Wallace Wells.

To be fair, Wallace doesn’t care much about what Scott does or doesn’t do. He hardly cares enough to get involved in Scott’s shenanigans, something that manifests itself in both the video game and the movie.

9 Has a killer soundtrack

Fight on the playground

One of the most prominent features of the film is the music. Both the original score and soundtrack are exceptional, the latter featuring performances by Brie Larson in the character of Envy Adams. Beck was also very involved in the soundtrack.

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The game’s soundtrack is different in many ways, but it is also equally exceptional. It was composed and performed by Anamanaguchi, and was practically universally acclaimed by fans and critics alike.

8 Knives bye he’s a badass

Knive Chau is ready to fight

After Envy Adams broke Scott’s heart, he allegedly broke a bit dating several women in Toronto. By the time the movie starts, he is dating a high school girl named Knives Chau who is in awe of older Scott.

Although Knives is thankfully moving on with her life, that doesn’t change the fact that she’s a born and raised butt kicker. In both the movie and the game, Knives is an absolute legend, whipping anyone who gets in his way.

7 NegaScott is a nice guy

Throwing away love

On more than one occasion in the movie, Knives and Scott are seen playing a fictional video game called Ninja ninja revolution. It is an obvious parody of Dance dance revolutionexcept that dance moves are used to fight ninjas.

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Scott will never be able to defeat NegaNinja in the fictional game, which is why Gideon Graves throws NegaScott at him. But in the movie and the game, NegaScott turns out to be a nice guy who befriends Scott. It is really very useful.

6 Heading to subspace

Flying pigs in subspace

The concept of subspace plays a much larger role in the original graphic novels than it does in the movie or video game. In graphic novels, there are even three different types of subspace at play; transportation, mind and storage.

Despite being so important in the original source material, the concept of subspace only appears on a superficial level in the movie and the game. It’s still used, but it’s downplayed a bit, and it only shows up in very specific situations.

5 Kim Pine doesn’t get enough love

Kim Pine is ready to roll

As Scott Pilgrim’s ex-girlfriend and bandmate, Kim Pine finds herself in a tough spot. She holds a great grudge for the old days due to the way Scott treated her during their short relationship. Kim isn’t the only woman in Toronto who has that problem, although they don’t have to see it every day.

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Despite being a featured character in the movie and a playable character in the game, Kim Pine sometimes feels underdeveloped in both cases. Much of her character revolves around Scott, which is part of the reason she is so bitter with him.

4 Fighting the wicked ex

Scott Pilgrim vs. Todd

The film’s narrative is essentially built like a video game with different levels and bosses. Each level, or scene in the case of the movie, has a final boss that Scott must defeat before he can move on.

This structure is more formalized in the game, which makes sense. The levels are more different and there are many more minions to defeat before reaching the final boss. But Scott has to beat every Evil Ex before continuing, just like in the movie.

3 Gideon Graves is the final boss

Fighting on a bus

Speaking of Gideon Graves, he’s the final boss in both the movie and the game. That makes sense since he’s the one who brought Ramona’s League of Evil Exes together in the first place.

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While Graves is Scott’s last opponent in both cases, things get a lot more intense in the game. Graves shapeshift a bit, switching to other shapes to confront Scott. Makes a more difficult battle.

two Extra lives

Fighting at a party

Movie characters collecting additional lives as they progress through the story is an absolute rarity. That is doubled for a movie that is not specifically based on a video game, considering that there are more than a few game references in Scott Pilgrim vs. the world.

But that happens in the movie when Scott takes an extra real life. He saves him at the end of the movie when he is initially defeated by Graves, then returns for the second round. Not surprisingly, there are extra lives in the game as well.

1 Collecting coins from fallen enemies

Stephen Stills is a street fighter

Another video game trope that appears frequently in the movie is collecting coins from fallen enemies. Every time Scott defeats an Evil Ex, they leave him coins to collect. Even Graves’ henchmen leave them behind when they are dispatched.

Naturally, this continues in the game. Honestly, it would have been weird if it weren’t, as it’s a key aspect of many video games. That said, it works so much better as a joke in the movie because it’s not expected in that setting.

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