Sherlock: 10 Top Show Flaws Fans Choose To Ignore

As much as fans like Sherlock’s performance on the BBC, they will admit that there were a lot of issues and glitches that they overlooked at the time.

In regards to British detective programs, BBC Sherlock it is one of the most popular. It helped propel Benedict Cumberbatch to stardom and Hollywood. However, for fans, it was much more than a stepping stone in his career. The show offered a unique new twist on the classic Sherlock Holmes adventures of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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With four seasons in total under its belt, the show has captured the love of thousands, if not millions, of viewers. But due to the size of its fandom, it’s easy to see how the show also has some major flaws that the audience might have ignored.

10 The inner workings of Sherlock’s mind

Initially, it was intriguing to see how Sherlock’s mind worked. This was shown in the first season when clues appeared on the screens. But as the show progressed, the creators took it one step further.

Many fans were excited to see Sherlock dive deep into his mental palace. However, as with most storytelling aids, when this became too excessive, it lost a significant part of its charm. The breaking point was the moment when Sherlock spent an entire episode in his mind.

9 Less than stellar villains

With the exception of good old Jim Moriarty, the show’s villains used to be underwhelming. This was because their characters were too smooth, similar to each other, or they didn’t have enough space. Eurus Holmes, for example, was portrayed as the greatest villain Sherlock and Mycroft could have, even greater than Moriarty. However, he barely appeared on the show.

8 The mystery of Sherlock’s fall

Sherlock’s big downfall at the end of season two was a huge draw. Fans speculated online what happened and how Sherlock may have survived. The show scoffed at possible answers, but in the end, it never explained what it really was like. Possibly because the writers cornered in a corner and did not know how to get out of there. Some fans were disappointed at the lack of explanation, but others accepted it as part of the show’s mystery.

7 Irene Adler disappears

Speaking of mysteries, there is also the case of Irene Adler. He seemed to have made a strong impression on Sherlock. Considering the lifestyle Irene led, it would be easy to assume that Sherlock would meet her again, sooner or later (or at least some traces of his activity).

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However, Irene never appears again and it is almost as if she never existed. Sherlock he likes to go back to the older characters, which is why it is even more confusing.

6 Sherlock is too powerful

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock on BBC show

It seems like no matter what happens to Sherlock, he manages to get out of there. In a way, he’s even more powerful than the iconic role of another Benedict Cumberbatch, Doctor Strange in the MCU. And even Doctor Strange met a greater defeat than Sherlock.

As the series progressed, Sherlock became more and more unrealistically powerful. So much so that you can avoid being hit by bullets by analyzing the situation in the blink of an eye.

5 The Christmas special is out of place

Sherlock's Victorian Christmas Special

While it was exciting to see Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman don Victorian clothing and go back in time, that’s where the excitement ends. The Christmas special was forgettable at best and downright disappointing at worst.

The plot was complicated and the ending, it all happened in Sherlock’s mind, it felt like someone took it from a book about the biggest mistakes in screenwriting.

4 The criminal mind is Sherlock’s sister

Sherlock Eurus Holmes

Let’s go back to Eurus. His presence might have been amazing, but instead, it’s just another old screenwriting trick. Many times, when a mysterious villain threatens the main characters, he ends up being a hidden or lost member of their family. Either his father or his brother.

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From a program as seemingly innovative as SherlockThis was a step backward that people who don’t watch TV or movies regularly might not have noticed.

3 Outcast female characters

On the one hand, Sherlock gave more space to female characters than many previous versions of iconic detective stories. On the other hand, heroines often ended up marginalized. Sherlock teases Molly and hurts her feelings multiple times. Mrs. Hudson has very little to do on the show. Irene Adler appears in one episode only to never appear properly on the show again. Mary turns out to be a former assassin in the strangest plot twist ever. And she dies shortly after. The show just hasn’t been kind to all of its characters.

two Think he’s too smart

Sherlock the dogs of Baskerville

Some episodes of Sherlock it had a stronger history than others. Overall though, especially over the past two seasons, the show pretended to be smarter than it actually was. The writers liked to give it a twist until the episodes were so full of them that they were hard to understand because they ultimately made no sense.

1 Sherlock is a horrible person

In a way, Sherlock is a horrible person. In the books, even when he thought other people weren’t as smart as him, he mostly treated them politely. In the series, Sherlock speaks his mind, calls people idiots, and almost always gets his way.

He has his best moments too, of course, but overall, this makes him unfriendly. And if it weren’t for Benedict Cumberbatch’s charismatic performance, Sherlock as a hero might not be as popular in this case.

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