‘Slaxx’ trailer promises a bloody horror comedy about a killer pair of jeans

Shudder has released a trailer for his crazy horror comedy Slaxx, which refers to a killer pair of jeans. As if the guys didn’t have enough to worry about with zippers.

Slaxx comes from the producers of the cult hit Turbo kid, and marks the third characteristic of the Canadian helmer Elza kephart (Go to the desert). The cast includes Romane denis (Bitch in a good way), Brett donahue (Private eyes), Sehar Bhojani (The Handmaid’s Tale) Y Stephen Bogaert (The Umbrella Academy).

The wild story concerns a possessed pair of jeans brought to life to punish the unscrupulous practices of a fashion clothing company. Sent to the company’s flagship store, Slaxx proceeds to slaughter the staff locked up overnight to set up the new collection.


Image via Bertrand Calmeau / Shudder

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This movie looks like a total explosion, and it certainly is a piece with Quentin Dupieux‘s Suede Y Rubber, which followed a killer jacket and a killer tire, respectively. It also reminds me of Peter stricklandhorror movie On cloth, but much more self-aware. I just didn’t care about the tone of On cloth, which seemed too serious for a satire on a killer dress. SlaxxOn the other hand, he seems to have the proper ridiculous attitude and proudly to wear it on his sleeve, or rather, in the back pocket of his jeans. I also like that it’s a mere 77 minutes long, as this kind of premise can only hold for so long, although the movie seems to be making a sly comment about how comfort will kill us if we’re not careful.

Kephart co-wrote the script with Patricia gomez (Living cemetery), which he produced together with Anne-Marie Gélinas, whose Turbo kid collaborator Shaken berenson served as executive producer. Blood Brothers FX, the special effects company behind Turbo kid, Blood quantum Y Voracious, brought the unique villain Slaxx to life, and Canadian denim brand Naked & Famous designed and manufactured the killer jeans.

A co-production between EMAFilms and Horror Collective, Slaxx is an official selection of the International Fantasia Film Festival, Fantasy Filmfest and the Sitges Film Festival. The film will stream exclusively on Shudder starting March 18 in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, as well as through the Shudder offering within the AMC + package where available.

One size kills all so check out the Slaxx trailer below and thank me later. This is certainly not The Gap, my friends. Unless, of course, it is …

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