Sons of Anarchy: Ten Times Someone Was Killed in Broad Daylight

In the world of Sons of Anarchy, no one was willing to say “I’m sorry!” Ego mixed with bloodlust means that most disputes were resolved through bullets and almost everything that could kill. There was a total of 351 deaths at the show. SAMCRO’s golden boy, Jax Teller, was the chief executioner, ranking above all others with a total of 43 kills.

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The murders were committed in all sorts of gross ways. Tig once drowned a porn producer in a urine-filled bathtub while a member of the Russian mob dropped fire ants on him before he was suffocated by Clay. Because law enforcement officers behaved calmly, most of the killings also occurred in broad daylight, without serious consequences.

10 Keith McGee was thrown off a roof

Keith McGee in Sons of Anarchy

SAMBEL president and First 9 member Keith McGee became greedy and betrayed his brothers. His goal was to get the mother letter out of the arms smuggling business so that all the profits would come to him. When the SAMCRO members went to Ireland to find Abel, McGee greeted them, but they had no idea that he was working with Jimmy O.

McGee’s club planned to take out SAMCRO using a shipment of explosive-laden weapons but that did not work. His treachery was soon discovered and he had to pay the price. Clay stripped him of his eyepatch before shoving him off a roof.

9 Galen used SAMCRO prospects to send a message

Galen kills Filthy Phil

It’s a wonder how the SAMCRO Prospect Phillip Russel got the name, Filthy Phil. He was always one of the nicest and most reserved members of the motorcycle club.

Phil was brutally killed after Jax decided to end the arms trafficking partnership with the Royal IRA. While she and V-Lin were guarding the warehouse, Galen O’Shay appeared and killed them both. He then mutilated their bodies with a saw and left the pieces for the Sons to find. As if that was enough, he also took most of the weapons.

8 Execution of Charlie Barosky in his own bakery

Charlie Barosky pointing a cigar at Jax in Sons of Anarchy

Charlie was the perfect definition of a dirty cop. He had various deals with various criminal factions that always gave him a cut. He also frequented prostitution dens to satisfy his lust.

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The Stockton police officer was soon carried away by his evil tendencies. He informed Lin and the Chinese Triad gang about the location of SAMCRO’s weapons. He then killed a colleague to prevent the truth from coming out and blamed Jury White for his actions. Jax eventually found out the truth and accosted him at his own bakery before shooting him to death in front of customers.

7 AJ Weston’s latest tattoo

AJ Weston in Sons Of Anarchy

No tears were shed for AJ Weston. The Aryan Brotherhood member was a white supremacist and a sex offender. He even had an “I Kill N-Word” tattoo on his body. He and his fellow bullies raped Gemma to send Clay a message. They wanted SAMCRO to stop doing business with African Americans.

He was met with his disappearance when visiting a tattoo parlor, unaware that the artist had come to terms with SAMCRO. Jax appeared out of nowhere and allowed Weston to say goodbye to his son before shooting him.

6 Chibs finally got revenge on Jimmy O

Chibs kills Jimmy O

Jimmy O’s antagonistic résumé is disgustingly impressive. He forced Chibs out of his own country and then took his wife and children with him. He also killed an innocent Irish couple who had adopted Abel, rather than just taking the baby and leaving.

He also tried to blow up SAMCRO members using explosives hidden in a weapons shipment. His luck ran out when he turned to the Russian mob to help him escape. The Sons captured him and Chibs retaliated by slashing his face before stabbing him. His last words? “Take care of our Filipino girls.”

5 August Marks refused to honor the trade

Bobby was one of the nicest members of SAMCRO, which makes his death all the more painful. Like everyone else in the series, there was always the possibility that he would die. The only person who would have killed him without anyone feeling bad about it was Otto. After all, Bobby slept with Otto’s wife, Luan, and helped her cook the books.

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Instead, Bobby paid the price for Jax betraying August Marks. The crime boss kidnapped and tortured him. They cut off his finger and gouged out his eye. Marks made sure to send SAMCRO an iPad with a video of the mutilation. When Jax proposed a trade, Marks pulled out a gun he had hidden in the back of Bobby’s belt and shot him.

4 Jax shot a fellow president

Who thought Jax would get the Mayhem vote? It finally happened thanks to his unjustified murder of Jury White, the president of the Indian Hills charter. Despite the jury telling Jax that he was the only person JT trusted before his death, Jax went ahead and shot him in the face.

Later, Jax claimed self defense. It was also learned that Jury was not the person who was betraying SAMCRO to the Chinese Triads. It was the corrupt Stockton police officer, Charles Barosky.

3 Damon Pope fell into a trap

Tig and Jax kill Pope in Sons of Anarchy

Pope was expecting it. The Oakland crime boss had caused the Sons too much pain. When his daughter Veronica died after being accidentally run over by Tig, Pope made it his life’s mission to punish the Sons.

He burned Tig’s daughter alive and then had Opie, Jax and Tig tortured in prison. He then demanded a dead son and Opie was beaten to death. Jax eventually tricked him into a warehouse by lying that he was going to deliver Tig. There, Jax shot Pope’s men and offered Tig a chance to get revenge for his daughter’s death. Tig was more than happy to pull the trigger.

two Jax delivered justice outside the courthouse

Jax kills August Marks

After the death of his boss, the Pope, August Marks took over. Having learned a lot from Pope, Marks was just as ruthless. He kept warning Jax not to get mad at him and when he did, there were consequences.

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Marks’ henchmen kidnapped Bobby and tortured him before Marks killed him. Jack would eventually get revenge when the series came to an end. As Marks was leaving the courthouse, Jax appeared and shot him dead. Jax had borrowed the homeless woman’s blanket and pretended to be a beggar outside the courthouse to get the delivery.

1 Agent June Stahl was finally cornered

Sons of Anarchy Agent June Stahl

The ATF agent was among the best antagonists on the show. He framed Opie to look like a snitch, prompting Clay to call a hit. As a result, Opie’s wife, Donna, ended up dead. Her penchant for framing also made her try to blame Gemma for Polly and Edmond’s murder. He then killed agent Amy Tyler, whom he was sleeping with, and also framed her for Edmon’s murder.

Using a trick for too long often backfires and when he tried to frame Jax, the whole club knew what he was doing. With the help of Unser, Stahl was attacked and Opie had the opportunity to execute her. He then shot her in the back of the head with a MAC10, in the same way that Donna was shot and killed.

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