Star Trek: the 4 times Harry Kim died (and how)

Ensign Harry Kim remains one of the most popular characters in Star Trek: Voyager, but fans witnessed his death and resurrection more than a few times during the course of the show. Star Trek: Voyager, which ran between 1995 and 2001, told the story of the crew of the USS Voyager and their journey through the Delta Quadrant, an unexplored region of space. The show featured a very diverse cast that included the character of Harry Kim, played by actor Garrett Wang (the first Asian lead character to be part of a Star trek issued from Lieutenant Sulu of Star Trek: The Original Series).

Harry was Voyager’s operations officer and served on the bridge for the entire seven seasons of the show. An anxious young man fresh out of Starfleet, Harry’s Voyager experience helped him become a model officer and an integral part of the crew. He also became a fan favorite character among the audience and is still well loved by Star Trek: Voyager fans to this day. Despite this, Harry was possibly the most underrated character of the entire cast. He was never promoted beyond Ensign despite numerous opportunities and was often the character chosen to be injured or incapacitated by an unknown illness, something that began in Voyager pilot episode and continued for the remainder of the series.

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Due to Harry’s numerous brushes with danger, he also ended up being the character with the most death and resurrection stories on the show. During Star Trek: Voyager’s 7 seasons, Harry “died” 4 times. These deaths spanned several seasons and typically took place in episodes that heavily featured Harry and his character development, showing that even in an episode where he was killed, Harry still I could steal the show


Harry Kim in Star Trek Voyager episode Emanations

Harry’s first brush with death occurred in the season 1 episode “Emanations.” While exploring the ring system around a planet, Voyager discovered that they had inadvertently found the graveyard of an unknown alien species, where bodies were deposited through seemingly random subspace vacuoles. Not wanting to desecrate the bodies, the visiting team that had been sent to investigate attempted to return to the ship, but a new vacuole opened at the same moment the transporter was activated. Due to time, Harry Kim was not transported back to the ship and instead traversed the vacuole to the alien planet.

Upon reaching the planet, Harry learned that the species whose graveyard Voyager had discovered was called Vhnori. The vacuoles were created by Vhnori technology and were designed to transport the bodies of their dead to the “next Emanation,” or their version of heaven. Harry’s appearance caused quite a stir among the Vhnori, who attempted to hold and study him until Harry switched places with a man named Hatil, pretending to be him so that Hatil could escape death and Harry could be transported back to where he was. had carried. since. Harry managed to return via a vacuole, but before being transported, the technology used to open the vacuole sacrificed him, prompting the Voyager Doctor to have to perform an emergency resuscitation upon Harry’s return. “Emanations” is a fascinating examination of life and death and also a great episode for Harry as a character at the beginning of the series.


Harry Kim at stalemate from Star Trek Voyager episode

Harry Kim’s most dramatic death by far was in the season 2 episode “Deadlock.” The episode reached dramatic new heights for Star Trek: Voyager as a whole at that time. The story revolved around Voyager inadvertently duplicating itself into two identical spacecraft after unknowingly passing through a rift in space-time. After exiting the rift, both ships experienced power outages and attempted to compensate with proton blasts, but blasts from one ship accidentally damaged the other, causing ruptures in the entire ship’s hull, leading to the death of Harry Kim when he was sucked into space while and B’Elanna Torres were attempting to repair the ship.

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Once the two Voyagers became aware of each other’s presence and realized what was going on, they tried to resurface without success. The damaged Voyager Captain Janeway set out to activate the self-destruct sequence, but before she could, the Vidiians began attacking the intact Voyager and harvesting the crew for its organs. Captain Janeway of the undamaged ship was forced to activate her self-destruct instead, but not before sending her version of Harry Kim, who was alive and well, back to the damaged ship with baby Naomi Wildman, who had also died. in the first. attack. The self-destruction wiped out Voyager and the Vidiians undamaged, and the damaged Voyager with its newly restored Harry and Naomi was left to continue on its way and make repairs. Over the years, there has been much debate among fans as to whether it was the original Harry Kim or the duplicate version that died during the episode, but a definitive answer has never been given.


Harry Kim in the Star Trek Voyager episode Timeless

“Timeless” is arguably one of the best Harry Kim episodes in the entire series, but the episode also featured another instance of his death. A classic Star trek Time travel episode set 15 years in the future, “Timeless” was about earlier versions of Harry and Commander Chakotay trying to change the past after an attempt to return to the Alpha Quadrant caused the death of the entire crew of the Voyager. The episode hopped back and forth between the future and the past, showing Voyager’s experiment with a new quantum wake warp unit that ended in disaster after Harry made a miscalculation that caused the unit to fail. will function properly and Voyager will crash on an ice planet.

During the episode, Harry and Chakotay worked to send a message back in time to prevent the accident from occurring while being pursued by Starfleet, who were trying to prevent them from violating the Prime Temporal Directive and changing the timeline. After a battle with a Starfleet ship near the end of the episode, Harry and Chakotay’s warp core began to overload. By that time, however, Harry had already figured out a way to save Voyager, sending them a message that would collapse the wake and launch the ship safely into normal space. The plan worked, but at the cost of Harry and Chakotay’s lives when their warp core exploded and killed them both. In addition to this, the timeline was changed by saving Voyager, which means that earlier versions of Harry and Chakotay would now never exist. This meant that, in essence, “Timeless” saw Harry, or at least a version of him, die twice.

“End of the game”

Harry Kim and Admiral Janeway at the end of the Star Trek Voyager episode

Harry’s final “death” occurred in the Star Trek: Voyager series finale “Endgame”, although unlike all of the character’s other death scenes, this one did not appear directly on screen. Similar to “Timeless”, “Endgame” used time travel as an integral part of its storytelling. The episode began in the future, where Voyager had finally returned to the Alpha Quadrant, but not before the death of Seven of Nine and Chakotay, and Lieutenant Commander Tuvok’s severe deterioration from Vulcan’s neurological disease. Shattered by guilt, now-Admiral Kathryn Janeway devised a plan to steal technology from the Klingons and travel back in time to help Voyager get home sooner and avoid unnecessary suffering from her friends.

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However, before leaving for the past, Admiral Janeway was intercepted by now Captain Harry Kim, who had been sent by Starfleet to stop her unauthorized time travel attempt. Instead, Admiral Janeway managed to convince Harry to help her, and once Harry was on board, she made sure her shuttle was equipped for the voyage and also helped her defend it from attacking the Klingons who had come to. recover technology. Ultimately, Admiral Janeway’s plan succeeded and helped Voyager return to the Alpha Quadrant without victims, but the success of her plan also meant the complete erasure of her alternate future timeline and all future versions of the Voyager crew, including Captain Kim. While this instance of Harry’s “death” may seem like an exaggeration, the fact that his long-awaited rise to a higher rank than Ensign was erased by Admiral Janeway only makes “Endgame” worthy of being included on the list. of episodes including his “death”.

Despite his penchant for getting into dangerous situations, Harry Kim never managed to get himself completely killed. He continued to be a basic character in Traveler throughout the show’s run and made a great addition to the main cast, as well as capturing the hearts of many Star trek fans. Star Trek: Voyager It wouldn’t have been the same without Harry Kim, and fans are lucky that death never seemed to last when it came for him.

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