Star Wars explains why the empire had to lead to the first order

Star Wars has finally revealed why Sheev Palpatine’s Empire was always destined to return as the First Order and to be defeated once again.

Star Wars has explained why the Empire inevitably morphed into the First Order. When Darth Sidious rose to become Emperor of the galaxy, he clearly envisioned himself reigning forever. He worked hard to ensure that all traces of the Jedi were erased from the cosmos, and commissioned Darth Vader and his Inquisitors to hunt down the survivors of Order 66. In the meantime, he devoted much time and attention to learning how to conquer death itself. to make sure he would never die.

Alexander freed Star Wars novel Victory price reveals just how ubiquitous the Empire really was. Palpatine deliberately created a system in which it was impossible for even an ordinary civilian to live without becoming complicit in corruption at best and atrocities at worst. He turned a large part of Coruscant’s guts into a powerful computer to analyze the actions of each individual, in order to keep a record of their complicity. And this subtly explains why the Empire was not so easily defeated.

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Palpatine’s approach ensured dominance of the dark side of the Force, because he had created a system in which each person was forced to make everyday decisions in darkness. It fits perfectly with Lucasfilm’s Dave Filoni comments on balance, who explained that each individual must choose light or dark, not just a Force-sensitive one. “The Force exists naturally in balance,” He explained. “That balance is lost when someone chooses to give in to their fears and then spirals out of control making selfish choice after selfish choice. Fear leads to anger, anger to hatred, hatred to suffering.“It also means that there were too many people who were complicit in the atrocity of the Empire, who had justified the deeds that had been committed and who would find it almost impossible to acclimatize to the New Republic. Hence, the return of the Empire, like the First Order – It was inevitable.

Emperor Palpatine Rise of Skywalker Coruscant

The Emperor took it a step further when he launched Operation Cinder, manipulating loyal Imperials into brutal acts of genocide across the galaxy. This scorched earth policy ensured that the hard core First Order was worse than the Empire, because this served to refine the Empire down to Palpatine’s most loyal and committed soldiers and commanders. After Operation Cinder, the only ones left would be those who had participated in unspeakable horrors; anyone with a conscience would have deserted. And these loyal, immoral fanatics were the ones who founded the First Order.

But Palpatine had made a big miscalculation; there was a generation between the fall of the Empire in Return of the Jedi and the rise of the First Order. This meant that an entire generation grew up without the direct influence of the Emperor, free from the veil of the dark side. Furthermore, the New Republic decided to grant amnesties of some kind to most Imperials, and it is very likely that many have learned to put the past behind them. And so when the Resistance sent relief in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkerthe entire galaxy replied.

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