Star Wars’ Kelly Marie Tran talks about why she keeps shifting away from social media

Star Wars and Raya and the Last Dragon actress Kelly Marie Tran said she is ‘much happier’ staying away from social media and has no intention of returning.

Dont wait Star WarsKelly Marie Tran will be back on social media soon.

“I’ve really been a lot happier without being on the internet,” Tran said. The Hollywood Reporter. “My agents have told me [I’m] giving up brand associations, but I’m not here to sell flat-belly tea to girls. “Instead, Tran engages in what she and her friends call” one-sided social media, “where she keeps up with what’s going on in the world, but she does her best to avoid searching herself online.

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Tran starred in 2017’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi as Rose Tico, a determined member of the Resistance who joins Finn on a mission to stop the First Order from tracking down the Resistance forces. After enduring multiple attacks online targeting her ethnicity, gender, and appearance, Tran deleted all of her Instagram posts in June 2018 and sought therapy to help her process the entire experience. He later wrote about his decision in an essay published by The New York Times in August 2018, titled “Kelly Marie Tran: Online Harassment Won’t Sideline Me”.

“We can talk about the interaction between mental health and social media, but also about mental health and this idea of ​​fame and what it does to you,” Tran said. “It’s not normal. For me, that navigation is about how I protect myself in a way that I can continue to work in this world and continue to lift up the stories that I feel the world needs to hear.”

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Although Tran reprized her role as Rose in 2019 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the film was criticized for drastically reducing the character’s screen time relative to The last jedi. Since then, Tran has voiced Rose in The LEGO Star Wars Christmas Special and indicated that she would be willing to play the character again, saying “[It] I would have to feel like it’s the right time, the right time, and the right story, just like any other project. “

Next up for Tran is Disney Animation’s Raya and the last dragon, in which she voices the eponymous character. The fantasy / adventure has been well received by critics ahead of its release in theaters and on Disney + Premier Access on March 5.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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