Stranger Things: 10 Major Show Flaws Fans Choose To Ignore

Stranger Things is one of the best Netflix shows, but what elements of the series are nonsense that fans seem to ignore?

Strange things is one of the most entertaining and popular shows in Netflix history, and there are so many things the sci-fi show does well. Unfortunately, however, there are many elements of the program that either don’t quite work or just don’t make sense, and that push the boundaries of suspension of disbelief too far.

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Many aspects of the program can be overlooked just because it makes Strange things More fun to watch, but certain plot points or character developments throughout the series just don’t make any sense, and it seems like fans of the show are intentionally ignoring it so as not to ruin the magic.

10 Christmas lights

Winona Ryder Joyce Byers Christmas Lights Stranger Things

Obviously, the Christmas lights communication system between Joyce and Will looked really cool, and it became one of the most iconic elements of Strange things as a series. However, there is no explanation of how it actually works.

There have been many theories as to how such communication would be possible, but the fact that Joyce discovered such a strange communication method and Will somehow figured out how to use it flawlessly really pushes the boundaries of credibility.

9 Hopper’s Super Skills

Chief Jim Hopper in Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 4

Not to contest Jim Hopper’s exceptional policing skills, as he’s clearly the sheriff in Hawkins for a reason, and he appears to have been a capable big-city cop prior to his return to Indiana.

But even taking that into consideration, it’s a bit crazy that he alone manages to outwit an entire government operation that has been successfully hidden in Hawkins for years, and it’s even more impressive that he’s up against so many brilliant experts and almost Always Wins.

8 Eleven hidden

While Eleven’s alleged death may have pushed the bad guys out of their way, given the powerful person she was and the huge investment she’d been for so long, it’s strange that Hopper managed to hide her in Hawkins for months without. no one. suspect or even investigate it.

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Surely when an asset as important as Eleven goes missing or appears to be dead, people will double-check to make sure it’s really gone.

7 Children Who Outsmart Government Agents

Hopper becoming a one-man army against a massive and sophisticated government covert ops organization is one thing, but the fact that the children of Strange things they are so masterful in defeating these special agents, medics and operatives it’s unbelievable.

Yeah that’s part of the fun of Strange things, and it’s clearly a nod to classic ’80s movies that ask audiences to engage in the same suspension of disbelief, but obviously this is a consistent plot point that doesn’t stand up to any scrutiny.

6 The secret Russian facility

It is one thing for the US government to abandon its exploration of the Upside Down or end its investigation into superpowered children, but it is quite another for it not even to realize that Russian agents are building an entire facility right on top of an interdimensional. tear.

The idea that no one in the US government would keep an eye on Hawkins closely enough to notice a minor Russian invasion is insane.

5 Unresolved trauma

Stranger Things Season 2 Hopper Eleven

This is more of a character development issue than a fact or logic issue, yet many of the characters in Strange things He has experienced extreme trauma and does not appear to have been very inconveniently affected by it.

The show does a decent job of exploring Will’s post-traumatic experience, but Hopper has lost a son and El has spent a lifetime being abused, and they both seem incredibly well-adjusted under the circumstances.

4 Enemies in constant evolution

First came the Demogorgon, then the Demodogs, and then the Mind Flayer.

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While it is to be expected that any series is going to continually up the ante when it comes to threats that the main characters have to face, it is tremendously narratively convenient that each time the Strange things squad seems to smash an enemy, another bigger, meaner and stronger villain appears in the next season.

3 Interdimensional travel

stranger things eleven

The Upside Down is one of the most interesting and unique aspects of Strange things, but the way it actually works seems to be wildly inconsistent.

Some gateways between the Upside Down and the real world seem to disappear on their own, some remain, and some have to be psychically sealed by someone like Eleven. And the connection between the Upside Down and this world seemed to come from Him somehow astrally projected into him, but when he touched the Demogorgon, he really felt it. So was she physically there somehow, or not?

two An alternative habitable dimension

Since there is an obvious strong connection between the Upside Down and this world, it is not entirely unbelievable that humans can survive there for long periods of time. However, it seems extremely unlikely.

Earth’s atmosphere is a very delicate and specific balance, so the fact that such a drastically environmentally different place as the Upside Down is a place where humans can even breathe is strange.

1 A copy of this world

What makes the Upside Down so unique and memorable is that it is a warped copy of the real world. But the question is, why?

Perhaps an explanation of the nature of the Upside Down will come before Strange things it ends, but the existence of a physically identical alternate dimension right next to ours is very strange and hard to believe.

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