The Amazing Race Top 10 Boring Road Blocks, Ranked

The surprising race remains one of the highest-rated competitive reality shows on television. This CBS show presents all kinds of challenges, some of which are insanely difficult while others are pretty bizarre. These include Roadblock, which are also downright great as they can slow down a team and ultimately cost them the entire race.

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With that said, fans may also note that not all of the obstacles featured on the show have been impressive despite the level of difficulty (and how much frustration they bring). In fact, these are some of the most boring featured so far:

10 Learn to play the Banana Boat song

Learn to play the Banana Boat song

The great thing about Roadblocks is that only one team member can pull it off, and depending on how difficult it is, a Roadblock can set a team down a lot and ultimately end their run.

During the start of season 32, teams headed to Trinidad and then Tobago, where one person from each team had to perform. The song of the banana boat using a steel skillet. And while some contestants managed to master the instrument quite easily, there were others who had serious problems.

9 Spelling Ingólfstorg

Spelling Ingólfstorg

During the season 30 premiere, teams immediately flew from the US to Reykjavik, Iceland, and at some point, one person from each team had to ride an off-road buggy and take a riverbed excursion. Here, they had to ride as many times as necessary just to spell Ingólfstorg, which is a square in Reykjavík.

Only after the contestant has correctly spelled the square could the team receive their next clue and move on. It’s true that the word can be a bit difficult to spell, but a spelling bee isn’t exactly the most exciting task one can have.

8 Buying ingredients for a Rolex

Buying ingredients for a Rolex

Through the years, The surprising race has presented some interesting gastronomic challenges. Fortunately, for the contestants on the show’s 31st season, they didn’t have to eat anything too heavy.

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However, they had to help one by doing some shopping. In this case, they had to buy ingredients for the preparation of a Rolex while they were in Uganda. Here, a Rolex is a breakfast wrap where eggs, tomatoes, onions, and cabbage are placed in a chapati and then rolled.

7 Answer phones

Answer phones

During season 30, there was a time when teams had to undergo a roadblock that required answering phones. Here, the chosen team member would walk into a room full of ringing phones and the goal was to identify eight with a voice on the other end of the line.

Here, they also had to listen carefully to eight words that belong to a quote from Prague native Franz Kafka. Once they have determined the words, they must decipher them and present the decoded quote to get the next clue.

6 Taking sandwich orders

Taking sandwich orders

During the 25th season, teams had to head to Copenhagen, Denmark, where they eventually ran into a roadblock involving smørrebrød. These are popular open sandwiches that can be topped with just about anything. In this challenge, the chosen team member had to accept orders for smørrebrød from two customers.

Then, they also had to recite the order’s menu number along with the required ingredients. Of course, this challenge has a certain level of difficulty. However, it is also not as exciting as other obstacles in the past.

5 Find UN flags

Find UN flags

In season 28, the teams flew to Switzerland, where they were able to learn more about the United Nations, specifically its founding members. That’s because, during the Barricade of the stage, the participating team members had to locate the flags of the founding nations that were outside the Palais des Nations.

During the challenge, the contestants had to place 10 flags in total. And for some teams, it made sense to work together on this challenge. As fans of the show would know, there are times when alliances can certainly help you advance this show further.

4 Sugar cane harvest

Doing sugarcane field work

In season 26, teams fly to Peru and during a route check, the participating team member had to harvest an entire section of sugarcane crops from the field. And it’s only once the contestant has finished their section could they receive their next track.

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The task required a lot of work (some even struggled to complete it). However, there really is no excitement here, so it was pretty boring watching the teams finish this task.

3 Discovering the motto of the French Revolution

Discovering the motto of the French Revolution

There are times when The surprising race he likes to give a little history lesson in the middle of the race. Such was the case in season 27 when the teams faced a second hurdle upon arriving in Paris, France.

Here, the participating team member had to take a scenic plane ride over the French countryside. During the flight, they had to detect three words that represent the motto of the French Revolution. Okay, the challenge looked great on camera, but this is one of those tasks that makes the show feel stale.

two Match an actor to a painting

Match an actor to a painting

Of course, obstacles are one of those challenges that really keep the show interesting. That said, this Roadblock featured during the show’s final season was nothing exciting at all. While the teams were in France, they went to a museum where there was a kind of party.

And it turns out that the people at the party are dressed exactly like the characters in the paintings that adorn the walls. To complete the challenge, the team member must match a person of a character in the painting correctly.

1 Site setup preparation

Site setup preparation

Unfortunately, The amazing race Season 32 featured another hurdle that lacked emotion or excitement. Towards the end of the season, the remaining teams headed to India, where the assigned team member had perfect ten spots at the longest table in India.

It was a task that certainly put teams in uncharted territory, so it took them a while to get approved and receive their next clue. That said, this challenge was still remarkably boring, and watching teams go through it left fans numb.

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