The Batman and 9 other great DC animated shows that are not part of DCAU

From the classic Batman: The Animated Series exploded in the 90s, DC Comics and Warner Bros have been recognized for their well-written, faithful and entertaining animated television shows based on the DC universe. These programs have always been conducted with an exceptional level of quality and love, and none more so than DCAU: Batman, Superman, Justice League, Static Shock, Project Zeta, Batman Beyond, Y Unlimited Justice League.

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However, while many fans only think of the DC Animated Universe when they think of superhero cartoons, there are actually a lot of fantastic animated series featuring DC characters that have nothing to do with DCAU.

10 The batman

Best DC Animated Series The Batman 2004 Animated Series Joker

In 2004 The batman had the unenviable task of being the first Batman cartoon to follow Batman: The Animated Series. Not only that, it was a bit tied to The dark knight trilogy, which is why Scarecrow, Ra’s Al Ghul, and Two-Face never appeared in it. Although it is not as dear as BTAS, The batman is a unique take on the myths with a younger and less experienced Dark Knight. The series also featured some fantastic voice work, including sponge BobTom Kenny as Penguin, Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund as a creepiest Riddler, 1960s Riddler Frank Gorshin as the sinister Dr. Hugo Strange, and even Batman Adam West as the mayor.

9 Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Van Robin Starfire Beast Boy Raven Cyborg

At the end of February 2021, Teen Titans Go! has 308 broadcast episodes, two movies, several mobile games, and a spinoff series on the way, and it stands as the longest running and most successful comic book television series of all time. This weird and humor-focused version of Teen Titans outraged many fans because it brought back the voice actors of the Teen Titans animated series and turned them into parodies of themselves. Nevertheless, Teen Titans Go! It has a gigantic fan base and continues to introduce many younger fans to the DC universe.

8 Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Green Lantern The Animated Series Hal Jordan Kilowog

When starring Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movie was on the way, Warner Bros brought Batman: The Animated Series producer Bruce Timm to help create a CG Green Lantern show. The show would take place after the movie and would feature Hal Jordan, Kilowog, and an advanced AI named Aya who would face new threats like the Red Lanterns and even the Anti-Monitor, the ultimate destroyer of the DC universe. The show was well written and had some great storylines, but sadly the failure of the movie and some internal politics caused it to be canceled after only one season.

7 Harley quinn

Poison ivy from the Harley Quinn animated series

While the character Harley Quinn originated from DCAU, her first animated series is completely cut off from that shared universe, which is a good thing because it allows showrunners the freedom to do whatever they want. Harley quinn Seasons 1-2 are loud, funny, rude, exciting, shocking, and yet surprisingly emotional in parts.

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Audiences can also see different shots of classic characters, like a drunken Commissioner Gordon who is obsessed with getting Batman’s approval. Yet at the center of it all is the relationship between Harley and Poison Ivy, and seeing the pair go through what they do and remain a strong but dysfunctional couple is what makes the series as essential as it is.

6 Batman: the Brave and the Bold

The three-season streak of Batman: the Brave and the Bold it’s wildly different from any Batman animated series before or after, and it’s so much better for it. Rather than directly trying to adapt the comics and their darker, more serious style, The brave and the brave had fun with the whole concept of Batman. While Batman and his allies take their superhero roles seriously and the events were often dangerous, the stories are wild, colorful, and incredibly exaggerated. The episodes include a musical epic, a parallel dimension story where Batman has the powers of Superman, a team with Sherlock Holmes, a tribute to Wacky Races, and the imp Bat-Mite who breaks the fourth wall trying to cancel the show.

5 Legion of superheroes

Legion of superheroes animated series Superman

The first DC animated show to appear immediately after the conclusion of the DCAU with Unlimited justice league was Legion of superheroes, which was released on Kids WB just four months after the final episode of JLU was broadcast. Despite having brought the Legion into the Unlimited episode “Far From Home” that same year, Legion of superheroes was separate and designed to be linked to marketing both for Superman returns Y Smallville. While its two seasons were generally well received, the show was canceled after 4Kids took over Kids WB in 2008.

4 Teen Titans

Teen Titans 2003 Animated Series Robin Cyborg Starfire Raven Beast Boy

The original Teen Titans program was run entirely in conjunction with DCAU programs such as League of Justice but was never part of it, despite various references to the Titans, as in the Static shock Cartoon. It was also popular enough to survive Kids WB’s transition to Cartoon Network, for five seasons until 2006.

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Similar to Batman: the Brave and the Bold, the characters took themselves seriously, but the events they faced were generally more lighthearted, although the show darkened as it progressed. It has a large fan base, most of whom were disappointed when the show became the dumbest Teen Titans Go!.

3 DC Super Hero Girls

DC Super Hero Girls Animated Wonder Woman Green Lantern Batgirl Bumblebee Supergirl Zatanna

Not to be confused with the web series of the same name, which was created primarily to sell a line of toys, the DC Super Hero Girls The animated series is a fun and colorful look at the DC universe. It is similar in some respects to Teen Titans Go!, so it is appropriate that the series debuted as a short with Batgirl that was played before the theatrical run of Teen titans go to the movies. The series is still going strong on Cartoon Network and a new open world video game based on the show titled DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power Expires this June for Nintendo Switch.

two Young Justice

Invasion Outsiders from the Young Justice animated series

One of the best comeback stories in DC history, on par with the next Zack Snyder’s Justice League revival, was Young Justice. The series debuted in 2010 to rave reviews and is set in a DC universe where the Justice League exists, but superheroes are still a recent phenomenon. The series focuses on DC’s younger heroes like Robin, Aqualad, and Miss Martian, and sees them as part of a black ops team. While the show was canceled after season 2, continued fan support persuaded Warner Bros to renew the show for a third season, with a fourth currently on the way.

1 Be careful with the Batman

Beware the Batman animated series

The most recent animated series featuring the Dark Knight is Batman’s only computer-generated show and also probably the most underrated. Unfortunately, Be careful with the Batman became a victim of the Cartoon Network DC massacre, where she was canceled along with Green Lantern Y Young Justice. Which was a shame, since Be careful with the Batman it was something really different. It was darker and not only focused on Batman’s early years, it also added less used villains like Anarky, Professor Pyg, and Magpie. Furthermore, the program was based roughly on the Batman and the Outsiders comic, as it featured Katana as Batman’s sidekick along with appearances from Metamorpho. Sadly, the show probably won’t make the same comeback as Young Justice and it will remain just an intriguing one-season DC show.

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