The challenge: 5 eliminations played (and 5 fans want more)

Eliminations are so essential to MTV’s full-length reality competition The challenge like Daily Challenges, Finals, and TJ Lavin. Every major player in Challenge history has had to deal with elimination, and these final opportunities for players to stay in the game come in every way imaginable.

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When a certain elimination style works really well or becomes a fan favorite, it will often reappear season after season, and other versions and iterations will also appear from time to time. But, there are also some eliminations that are total failures. What elimination formats are played and which ones do fans want to see more of?

10 Played: fireballs

This elimination round made a brief appearance in The challenge, and hopefully I will never return. While it never became a common elimination, Cory and Nelson basically broke the elimination by being so bad at it.

It’s essentially a soccer kickoff, but as the two Young Bucks demonstrated, anyone who really has no soccer experience will be basically unable to complete the elimination.

9 Want more: Dead Ringer

kam williams challenge, are you the one?

This elimination idea is relatively new, but it should be picked up in future seasons. Kam and Ashley went head-to-head in this bizarre elimination that involved players being strapped with a harness and having to hang rings on poles.

However, what makes this elimination a great concept is that it requires troubleshooting and strategy, neither player how to get it right when entering, which is a great way to give both competitors a fair chance to win.

8 Played: Remains presided over

This completely stupid elimination only appeared once, and ended one of Nany’s best careers in Challenge history. The idea is that each elimination player calls another person to tape their opponent to a chair, and then whoever comes off the tape first wins.

The elimination is highly dependent on the strategy of any random person the player chooses from the rest of the contestants, which is bullshit for an elimination.

7 I want more: lights off

Most eliminations focus on a single skill set, and whoever is bigger, stronger, faster, or can just learn it first ends up being the winner.

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Lights Out is a better elimination in the sense that it requires players to complete a puzzle, but once the light illuminating the room their puzzle is in goes out, they have to run out and turn it back on, so which is an intelligence test. strength and endurance.

6 Played: Balls in

Balls In is an elimination setup that is pretty good, however it has been overdone over the course of the last few seasons of The challenge. It is not the type of elimination that is going to produce new strategies or more interesting results, and at this point the players know how to play it, so it is not that interesting.

Once the producers have to set the title balls on fire to make it interesting, it’s clearly time to retire the format.

5 Want more: branched

laurel stuckey the challenge

This elimination should become a Challenge regular based on the incredibly memorable celebration Laurel had when she mistakenly thought she had won.

But even putting that aside, a climbing removal that essentially requires putting puzzle pieces into the climbing apparatus is a unique idea that has different elements to the competition and takes advantage of the climbing abilities that most players (except Ninja) have. they will not be used to it. to play.

4 Played: Pole Wrestle

The challenge He often comes up with minor variations of the Pole Wrestle concept, for example using a ring instead of a pole and asking players to put that ring on something to win the round.

And while Pole Wrestle is obviously iconic at this point, there’s not much new to explore with the idea, and some seasoned veterans have already played the elimination several times, giving them a significant advantage in the game.

3 Want more: Trivia

Trivia is TJ’s favorite daily challenge of the season, and it’s a solid fan favorite too. There have been some trivia-based deletions in the history of The challenge like Name That Coconut, but it’s not a Challenge pillar of elimination in the way that some other ideas are.

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Trivia is quite an even competition, it is often not obvious who will win a trivia challenge or elimination from the beginning, which makes it more intriguing than many other elimination concepts.

two Played: Hall Brawl

The Challenge Hall elimination fight Kyle Christie vs. Theo Campbell

While Hall Brawl has become a true Challenge classic, honestly not the best elimination in the game today.

The mechanics of elimination are obviously very simple, there’s not a lot of strategy involved and essentially whoever is the biggest competitor in elimination will win. And as many of the bigger players have realized, it’s an easy win for them in seasons where an elimination win is a requirement.

1 I want more: knot so fast

The Challenge CT Tamburello exhausted after the knot so fast elimination

Since the idea behind The challenge Should you be testing your player’s abilities to perform in all aspects of the game, Knot So Fast-style eliminations are one of the best concepts the show has come up with.

It’s a test of strategy, ingenuity, strength and endurance, and while the concept is obviously the same every time, each player can come up with their own way of playing elimination.

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